The White Lotus Season 2 Cast & Character Guide


  • The White Lotus
    season 2 takes place in Sicily with a new cast of characters, featuring familiar faces such as Jennifer Coolidge and F. Murray Abraham.
  • The season introduces new characters like Mia, a local Sicilian aspiring singer, and Albie, Dominic’s son, who finds a love interest in Tanya’s assistant.
  • The cast also includes notable actors like Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, and Haley Lu Richardson, who play pivotal roles in the unfolding story at The White Lotus hotel in Sicily.

The White Lotus season 2 returned to the titular resort chain, though the White Lotus season 2 cast and characters were quite different the second time around. Created by Mike White, the HBO comedy-drama limited series centers on a group of guests and employees at a fictional hotel in Hawaii and became a hit when it first aired in 2021. HBO soon renewed The White Lotus for a second season as an anthology series, taking place at a White Lotus hotel in Sicily.

The White Lotus season 2 took place in the Italian region of Sicily. The first season featured numerous memorable characters and a talented ensemble cast, including Sydney Sweeney and Jennifer Coolidge. However, only two cast members from The White Lotus season 1 returned for season 2. The White Lotus season 2 mainly focuses on new characters, though many of the actors are familiar faces. Here is The White Lotus season 2 cast and characters.


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Actor Name

Character Portrayed

F. Murray Abraham

Bert Di Grasso

Jennifer Coolidge

Tanya McQuoid-Hunt

Adam DiMarco

Albie Di Grasso

Beatrice Grannò


Meghann Fahy

Daphne Babcock

Tom Hollander


Sabrina Impacciatore


Michael Imperioli

Dominic Di Grasso

Theo James

Cameron Babcock

Aubrey Plaza

Harper Spiller

Will Sharpe

Ethan Spiller

Haley Lu Richardson


Simona Tabasco


Jon Gries


Leo Woodall


F. Murray Abraham As Bert Di Grasso

Date Of Birth: October 24, 1939

Bert DiGrasso (F. Murray Abraham) joking in The White Lotus

Actor: Outside of The White Lotus season 2 cast of characters, F. Murray Abraham is best known for his Oscar-winning role as Antonio Salieri in Amadeus. In that film, he was the envious composer who was jealous of his rival Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His other notable projects include roles in All The President’s Men, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moon Knight, and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. He was also a key cast member in the Showtime series Homeland, which earned him two Emmy nominations.



Amadeus (1984)

Antonio Salieri

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Mr. Moustafa

Homeland (2012-2018)

Dar Adal

Character: F. Murray Abraham plays Bert Di Grasso, the father of Dominic (Michael Imperioli), a womanizing Hollywood producer who wants to meet his distant Italian relatives. Throughout his stay at The White Lotus, Abraham comes into constant conflict with his son, as he believes Dominic’s consistent infidelity is just par for the course.

Jennifer Coolidge As Tanya McQuoid-Hunt

Date Of Birth: August 28, 1961

Actor: Jennifer Coolidge is a well-known actress recognized in several movies and TV shows. She enjoyed three huge roles early in her career that made her a star. This includes her role as Jeanine Stifler (the MILF) in the American Pie franchise, Elle’s confidante Paulette Bonafonté in the Legally Blonde franchise, and as several characters in Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries such as Best in Show and For Your Consideration. She also appeared in A Cinderella Story, Promising Young Woman, and The Watcher. She also had a memorable guest star appearance on Friends.



American Pie (1999)

Jeanine Stifler

Legally Blonde (2001)

Paulette Bonafonté

Best In Show (2000)

Sherri Ann Cabot

Character: Reprising her Emmy-winning role from The White Lotus season 1, Jennifer Coolidge plays Tanya McQuoid-Hunt as part of The White Lotus season 2 cast. Tanya, a wealthy yet troubled woman, finds her marriage on the rocks in Sicily, leading her to a new group of friends — but it doesn’t work out well for her in the end.

Adam DiMarco As Albie Di Grasso

Date Of Birth: April 14, 1990

Albie Di Grasso (Adam DiMarco) having lunch with his family in The White Lotus

Actor: Adam DiMarco got his start with roles on Disney Channel properties like Radio Rebel and Zapped. However, he gained his first bit of crossover recognition on the SyFy series The Magicians, where he played Todd, a physical magician who tries hard to win Eliot and Margo’s approval. He followed that up with the role of Randall Carpoo in The Order, a member of the Knights of Saint Christopher. He also appeared in Pillow Talk as Andy, and as a teenager, he is credited as “Injured Red Shirt” in Star Trek Beyond.



The Magicians (2016-2020)


The Order (2019-2020)

Randall Carpio

Pillow Talk (2022)


Character: Adam DiMarco plays Albie Di Grasso in The White Lotus season 2 cast. His character is a recent college graduate and Dominic’s son. Albie initially finds a love interest in Tanya’s assistant, Portia (Haley Lu Richardson), but after she rebuffs him, he soon lands in someone else’s arms.


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Beatrice Grannò As Mia

Date Of Birth: May 6, 1993

Beatrice Granno as Mia smiling in The White Lotus

Actor: Before The White Lotus, Beatrice Grannò has worked mostly on Italian-language projects. She was born in Rome and attended a musical academy, which led to her working on a stage career before moving to TV with Don Matteo. She followed up with major roles in Il capitano Maria and Wonder When You’ll Miss Me. She has also played the lead in the ongoing series Doc – Nelle tue mani, playing Carolina Fanti. Netflix fans might recognize her for her 2021 role in the series Zero, where she plays Anna Ricci.



Security (2021)

Maria Spezi

Doc – Nelle tue mani (2020-present)

Carolina Fanti

Zero (2021)

Anna Ricci

Character: Beatrice Grannò plays Mia in The White Lotus season 2 cast, and her character is a local Sicilian who’s an aspiring singer. She and her friend Lucia find themselves in and out of the White Lotus hotel often. Mia later seduces piano player Giuseppe to further her music career and finds herself in a tryst with Valentina.

Meghann Fahy As Daphne Babcock

Date Of Birth: April 25, 1990

Daphne (Meghann Fahy) drinking Aperol Spritz in The White Lotus

Actor: Meghann Fahy got her first big break thanks to soap operas with the role of Hannah O’Connor on One Life to Live. She worked on Broadway for a while before getting her breakout role as Sutton in the Freeform series The Bold Type. She’s also had roles in The Good Wife, Chicago Fire, Deception, Law And Order: SVU, and Gossip Girl. She next appears as Merritt Monaco in the Netflix series The Perfect Couple alongside Nicole Kidman, Dakota Fanning, and Liev Schreiber.



One Life to Live (2010-2012)

Hannah O’Connor

The Bold Type (2017-2021)

Sutton Brady

Miss Sloane (2016)

Clara Thomson

Character: Meghann Fahy plays Daphne Babcock in The White Lotus season 2 cast of characters, a stay-at-home mom and Cameron’s wife. She and Cameron go on a couple’s vacation with Harper and Ethan, and it’s quickly discovered that Daphne and Cameron’s relationship is exceedingly toxic and not at all what it seems.

Tom Hollander As Quentin

Date Of Birth: August 25, 1967

Actor: Tom Hollander got his start as a child actor and then moved on to Broadway for some stage work. He earned mainstream notice in the Oscar-nominated period drama Gosford Park, which led to several major film roles. This includes his roles as Mr. Collins in the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice and Lord Cutler Beckett in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He also had some TV roles, including as Lance “Corky” Corkoran in The Night Manager. In 2021, he played the multiple roles of George V, Wilhelm II, and Nicholas II in The King’s Man.



Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Mr. Collins

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Lord Cutler Beckett

The Night Manager (2016)

Lance “Corky” Corkoran

Character: Tom Hollander plays Quentin, a gay British expat traveling with his friends and his nephew Jack, who doesn’t turn out to be his nephew at all. While Tanya makes friends with Quentin initially, it’s found out that their friendship isn’t what it seems, and Quentin has a more nefarious plan in mind.​​​​​​​


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Sabrina Impacciatore As Valentina

Date Of Birth: March 29, 1968

Sabrina Impacciatore As Valentina smiling in The White Lotus

Actor: Sabrina Impacciatore is an Italian actress who made her TV debut in Italy in 1997. She has appeared in the main cast of several Italian shows, including Disokkupati, Le ragioni del cuore, and The Immature: The Series. She also played St. Veronica in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and was in the Italian version of Call My Agent – Italia as herself. She will next appear in the upcoming NBC series The Paper, a spinoff from The Office, and the Julian Schnabel (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) movie In the Hand of Dante.​​​​​​​



7 Women and a Murder (2021)


The Immature: The Series (2018)

Serena Serafini

Call My Agent – Italia (2024)


Character: Sabrina Impacciatore plays Valentina, the manager of The White Lotus in Sicily and a closeted lesbian in The White Lotus season 2 cast of characters. Valentina finds herself frustrated with Mia and Lucia’s constant presence in the hotel — until she eventually warms up to Mia.

Michael Imperioli As Dominic Di Grasso

Date Of Birth: March 26, 1966

Actor: Michael Imperioli is best known for playing Christopher Molsanti on the HBO crime drama The Sopranos, Tony Soprano’s nephew and a loose canon for the mob family. He has made a name in the gangster movie genre and has roles in movies like Shark Tale and Clockers. Imperioli also wrote the script for the 1999 movie Summer of Sam with Spike Lee, and he had a small role in the film. He also appeared in movies like The Lovely Bones and One Night in Miami, as well as on TV shows like Project Blue Book, Lucifer, and Blue Bloods.​​​​​​​



The Sopranos (1999-2007)

Christopher Moltisanti

The Lovely Bones (2009)

Det. Len Fenerman

Lucifer (2016-2017)


Character: Michael Imperioli plays Dominic, Albie’s father and Bert’s son in The White Lotus season 2 cast of characters. He’s a Hollywood producer who is visiting Sicily to explore his ancestral roots but consistently falls into temptation and commits multiple infidelities against his wife, even though they were separated precisely for that reason.

Theo James As Cameron Babcock

Date Of Birth: December 16, 1984

Theo James as Cameron on the beach in The White Lotus

Actor: Theo James is an English actor who got his start on television in 2010 on A Passionate Woman, but he enjoyed his breakout role on the big screen. He played Tobias “Four” Eaton in the Divergent movie series, a performance that made him a star. He also had an earlier franchise role as David in the last two Underworld movies. Since that time, James has appeared in The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, Golden Boy, Castlevania, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and as the lead role of Eddie Horniman in The Gentlemen. He also voiced Bastion in X-Men ’97.​​​​​​​



Divergent (2014)

Tobias Eaton

Castlevania (2018-2021)

Hector (Voice)

The Gentlemen (2024)

Eddie Horniman

Character: Theo James plays Cameron, a successful businessman and Daphne’s husband in The White Lotus season 2 cast of characters. He was Ethan’s roommate in college and constantly tries to entice Ethan with worldly pleasures, eventually turning his attention to Ethan’s wife Harper.​​​​​​​


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Aubrey Plaza As Harper Spiller

Date Of Birth: June 26, 1984

Actor: Though Aubrey Plaza’s breakout role was April Ludgate on Parks & Recreation, she has appeared in several other notable projects as well. She starred as Scott Pilgrim’s nemesis Julie Powers in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, as Lenny in the FX Marvel Comics series Legion, as the titular character in the zombie comedy Life After Beth, and in recent movies like the Child’s Play reboot in 2019, Happiest Season in 2020, and Emily the Criminal in 2022. She also appears in Francis Ford Collpola’s upcoming comeback movie, Megalopolis.



Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)

April Ludgate

Legion (2017-2019)

Lenny Busker

Life After Beth (2014)

Beth Slocum

Character: Aubrey Plaza plays Harper in The White Lotus season 2 cast of characters, a woman who becomes newly wealthy after her husband Ethan experiences professional success. She and Ethan are invited to vacation in Sicily with Cameron and Daphne, and Harper is immediately wary of them. However, things take a turn between Harper and Cameron.

Will Sharpe As Ethan Spiller

Date Of Birth: September 22, 1986

Ethan (Will Sharpe) in Bed in The White Lotus

Actor: Will Sharp is an English actor who got his break working on the popular British medical drama series Casualty from 2009 to 2010. He has mostly stuck with television since then, with roles on Sherlock, Sirens, Babylon, Flowers, Defending the Guilty, Giri/Haji, and Landscapers. He also appeared in the critically acclaimed stop motion animation movie The House in 2022 and will star in the upcoming French erotic thriller remake of the classic film, Emmanuelle.​​​​​​​



Giri/Haji (2019)

Rodney Yamaguchi

Casualty (2009-2010)

Yuki Reid

The House (2022)

Elias (Voice)

Character: Will Sharpe plays Ethan in The White Lotus season 2 cast, a character who has taken a vacation in Sicily after recently obtained professional success, is married to Harper, and is friends with Cameron. He often finds himself at odds with Cameron’s values and his friend’s constant attempts to persuade Ethan to relish in the pleasures that newfound wealth affords him.

Haley Lu Richardson As Portia

Date Of Birth: March 7, 1995

Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) waving awkwardly in The White Lotus

Actor: Haley Lu Richardson got her start on the Disney Channel, with roles in Shake It Up and on ABC Family with a recurring role of Tess in Ravenswood. This show led to the Freeform series Recovery Road and her eventual breakout in the movie The Edge of Seventeen in 2016. She has also appeared in the movies Five Feet Apart, Split, After Yang, and Love at First Sight, as well as the TV shows Jane the Virgin and The White Lotus.​​​​​​​



The Age of Seventeen (2016)


Columbus (2017)


Love at First Sight (2023)

Hadley Sullivan

Character: Haley Lu Richardson plays Portia in The White Lotus season 2 cast of characters, a recent college graduate who is Tanya’s assistant and invited on Tanya’s vacation but must remain hidden from her husband Greg. At first, Portia finds a love interest in Albie but is quickly swept away by Quentin’s “nephew,” Jack.


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Simona Tabasco As Lucia

Date Of Birth: April 5, 1994

Lucia (Simona Tabasco) at dinner in The White Lotus

Actor: Simona Tabasco is an Italian actress who enjoyed her breakout role in The White Lotus. However, she has been working as an actress since 2013, with roles in short films and the teen drama series Fuoriclasse. She appeared in her first movie in 2014, Perez, and won the Premio Guglielmo Biraghi at the 2015 Nastro d’Argento awards. For American audiences, she also recently appeared in the 2024 horror movie Immaculate as Sister Mary, the nun at the start of the movie who was buried alive.​​​​​​​



Perez (2014)

Tea Perez

Immaculate (2024)

Sister Mary

Doc – Nelle tue mani (2020-2024)

Elisa Russo

Character: Simona Tabasco plays Lucia in The White Lotus season 2 cast of characters, a Sicilian local and sex worker who visits The White Lotus frequently in search of work, much to Valentina’s displeasure. Despite having an encounter with his father, Lucia warms up to Albie, among other White Lotus guests.

The White Lotus Season 2 Recurring Characters

Greg (Jon Gries) in Italy in The White Lotus

Jon Gries as Greg: Reprising his role following The White Lotus season 1 ending, Jon Gries plays Greg in The White Lotus season 2 cast of characters, a guest at The White Lotus who is Tanya’s husband. Greg leaves the hotel early on in season 2, only for Tanya to find out about his dubious connections to Quentin and his friends. His most well-known role is Uncle Rico in the film Napoleon Dynamite, though he’s also had recurring roles on Lost and Seinfeld.

Leo Woodall as Jack: Leo Woodall plays Jack in The White Lotus season 2 cast of characters, a guest staying at the White Lotus with his “uncle,” Quentin. Jack seduces Portia away from Albie, but Tanya finds out that his relationship with his uncle isn’t what it seems. Woodall has previously appeared in Cherry and the television adaptation of Vampire Academy.


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