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Take Profit Trader is a rising star with the intention of redefining traditional trading education and funding. Designed to equip traders with the tools they need to succeed, Take Profit Trader is far from your average prop firm. The company offers funding opportunities but also delivers high-quality trading education—for free.

Moreover, it’s hard to ignore the accolades this firm has garnered. With a high overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on 431 reviews, Take Profit Trader is undoubtedly making waves in the industry. An impressive 77% of these reviews are five-star ratings. Customers are particularly praising the firm’s unmatched customer service and transparent policies.

The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive review of Take Profit Trader. We’ll delve into the various facets of the company, from its founding team and mission to its distinct features, services, and pricing details.

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The Visionary Behind Take Profit Trader

James Sixsmith, the man steering the ship at Take Profit Trader, has an intriguing backstory that diverges from the typical routes into the trading world.

Originally a professional hockey player, Sixsmith faced a career transition that led him to question his future endeavors. What he found was a new passion: trading. However, the journey could have been smoother. The initial phase saw him lose nearly $150,000, serving as a bitter yet valuable lesson in the intricacies of trading.

What stands out is Sixsmith’s vision for a trading “utopia” that aims to eliminate the pitfalls he faced. His aspirations for Take Profit Trader are grand yet grounded, constructed on Education, Customer Service, Funding, Asset Classes, and Instant Withdrawals.

Sixsmith’s experience and vision are the backbone for Take Profit Trader’s unique approach, setting the firm apart in a crowded market.

Key Features that Set Take Profit Trader Apart

Take Profit Trader has features that make trading as transparent and accessible as possible. Here’s a breakdown of some of their standout offerings:

  • Free Quality Education: Education is the cornerstone of any successful trading career, and Take Profit Trader takes this seriously. The firm provides many educational resources at zero cost—everything in the markets, from basic guides and eBooks to webinars and advanced trading strategies.
  • Unmatched Customer Service: In an era where automated bots often replace human interaction, Take Profit Trader emphasizes the importance of genuine customer service. Their nearly 24/7 live chat support ensures that traders can get immediate assistance whenever needed. This reinforces the company’s commitment to an excellent user experience.
  • Access to Funding Without Carnival Rules: One of the biggest hurdles in trading is obtaining capital. Take Profit Trader streamlines this process with straightforward aptitude tests that assess, not hinder, your trading skills. Gone are the convoluted and confusing rules that plague the industry.
  • All Asset Classes: Take Profit Trader doesn’t limit you to just one trading avenue. They plan to offer a comprehensive range of asset classes, from equities and forex to commodities and cryptocurrencies, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios.
  • Instant Withdrawals: We’ve all heard horror stories about withdrawal delays. Take Profit Trader aims to end this with a built-in wallet system. This feature allows traders to withdraw their profits instantly, giving them complete control over their finances.

Each feature culminates in a platform that supports and actively encourages trader growth and profitability.

What Are Users Saying?

When assessing the credibility and effectiveness of any service, customer reviews are often the most telling. Take Profit Trader boasts impressive ratings with an overall score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. An overwhelming 77% of these are 5-star ratings, showcasing high customer satisfaction.

Testimonials frequently highlight the exceptional customer service offered by the firm. For instance, one user was particularly impressed with the quick response after passing the aptitude test to transition to a pro account. The reviewer also suggested that Take Profit Trader could improve by extending their live chat support to 24 hours, indicating the firm’s attentiveness to feedback for continuous improvement.

Another consistent praise is the ease of funding and the straightforward nature of their rules. Users appreciate the clearly stated guidelines and hassle-free procedures to start trading professionally.

Regarding reliability, many reviews confirm that Take Profit Trader is “the real deal”. These testimonials endorse their 1-day withdrawal policy and user-focused setup. Even in cases where criticisms are present, the company is noted for its proactive approach to addressing issues, exemplifying its commitment to customer satisfaction.

The high ratings and positive reviews solidify Take Profit Trader’s reputation as a reliable and customer-focused prop trading firm.


In this comprehensive review, we’ve delved deep into the workings of Take Profit Trader. From its humble beginnings with former hockey player James Sixsmith to its current standing as a prop firm striving to disrupt the traditional trading landscape, the company has shown ambition and innovation. With free quality education, nearly 24/7 live chat support, straightforward aptitude tests, a wide range of asset classes, and instant withdrawals, Take Profit Trader covers all bases to ensure a user-friendly experience.

The customer reviews and ratings also attest to the company’s quality. It has an impressive 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 77% of users giving a 5-star rating. These high marks indicate that Take Profit Trader has not just talked the talk but has walked the walk, providing services that genuinely cater to traders’ needs and concerns.

In the area of affordability, the company sticks to its promise of free education. This aligns with its goal to make trading accessible for everyone. However, potential users should consider any nominal fees for tests or other services.

Does Take Profit Trader live up to its hype? Based on its features, high ratings, and customer testimonials, it certainly seems to. If you want to take your trading journey to the next level, it may be time to explore what Take Profit Trader offers.

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