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Podcasting is essentially broadcasting a conversation publicly online, but sometimes using this medium can help you and others around you talk about uncomfortable things in life. Whether it’s death, divorce, trauma, abuse, mental illness, or disease, podcasting can be an avenue to share difficult conversations and help others relate to what you and your guests are saying. Below are uses of podcasting to help you talk about uncomfortable topics.


Death is the elephant in the room for much of life. Humans can’t even focus on death for more than a couple of seconds. Yet, talking about it on a podcast can address the fear of mortality and the spiritual consequences of death. Podcasting can also help people accept the death of others. You can also spread and learn about the logistics of death. For example, you can answer questions like, what is a beneficiary in a will? Whether someone close to you is about to die or you are grieving someone who recently died, podcasting and listening to podcasts can help you get through it. Death is one of the most uncomfortable topics. Podcasts can help people think and talk about it more effectively.

Break-Ups and Divorce

Break-ups and divorces are some of the hardest things in life. The person may not be dead, but it can feel like a loss of that magnitude. There are so many truths about dating and love that can be shared on a podcast. People can relate to each other through their pain and navigate the woes of break-ups and divorce. Whether you are podcasting about the topic or listening to someone’s story, sharing your thoughts and feelings can help you move on and provide an avenue for others to do the same.

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Trauma and Abuse

Past trauma and abuse are also incredibly difficult topics to discuss. Podcasting can provide a medium for it. If you have a podcast focused on getting through these things, the listeners will know what they are in for. Furthermore, whoever is talking about their trauma will have an outlet to express themselves and heal. The people listening will either relate or sympathize. No one likes to talk about their past and all the things that hurt them, but it’s usually what you need to do. Broadcasting about trauma and abuse that people have endured is both healing and the right thing to do.

Mental Illness

Another touchy subject is mental illness. However, it has become a part of the mainstream conversation in the last few years. The pandemic brought mental health to the forefront of our society. It’s no surprise that mental health podcasts have sprung up in response to mental illness across the country. Talking about mental health and illness publicly will decrease the stigma and fear around these issues. That’s why it is so great that people are podcasting about it. Whether you are close to someone who is struggling with mental health, or you have a mental illness yourself, finding the right path is hard, and listening to others talk about their struggles can really help.


Disease is an uncomfortable subject. People don’t like hearing about diseases. If you have a rare disease or someone you know is struggling with something, you probably would like some insight into it. If you are a doctor or an expert on a specific ailment, sharing what you know can be hugely beneficial to people. It’s not just about science and medicine, it’s about emotional insight into how to manage a particular disease. Podcasting can help shed some light on specific diseases and how to handle them.

Podcasting is a great way to spread a message, talk about taboo issues, and help people who are struggling. Talking about these things can help the speaker and the listener. Whether you are going through something yourself or are trying to be supportive to the people who are, podcasting about uncomfortable topics can provide insight and better understanding. It’s safe to say that broadcasting about uncomfortable things is good for the world and the people in it. So, if you have the opportunity to podcast about something important, you use your position to do good and share stories that need to be heard!

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