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Whether you want or need it, cosmetic and plastic surgery can be expensive, even for the highest-earning Canadians. However, financial constraints should not prevent you from going ahead with your procedure. It is critical to have a funding strategy when considering what procedure you want, as many healthcare providers do not cover plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. While financially preparing for your next surgery, a few practical steps are procedure research, budgeting, and obtaining financing.

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Before booking, make sure you do thorough research about your procedure, the doctor you want to do your procedure with, financial aid resources, and the price. In addition, look into coverage that the government provides through health programs to see if your procedure qualifies for coverage or reimbursement. These factors can often determine if the procedure and all of its expenses will be covered through insurance or if you will have to find a cosmetic or plastic surgery financing plan.

You may see similar price ranges once you have conducted some thorough research and compared the various lenders. Similar pricing ensures that you are not being overquoted and are not overspending on these procedures.

Understanding the surgery’s price range will make it easier to proceed with the surgery and focus on improving your health rather than worrying about your finances.


Finances are always a focus when making decisions; it is vital to look into your finances and create a budgeting sheet before surgery. This step will be a visual guide to the amount you can allocate to your procedure, considering all of your other expenses and if you will have to opt for financial assistance.

If you realize that you need financial assistance for your procedure, you can use tools like the plastic surgery loan calculator on Beautifi’s website to help plan your budget. The inputs in this tool can be customized to you and your needs, which will help you determine the correct type of financing plan for your procedure. Simply enter the loan amount, input your credit rating, and you can toggle the repayment period to explore the best financing solution for your needs.

Apply for Financing

Now it’s time to apply for financing with simple, flexible, and affordable loans options that will enable you to access the surgery and procedures you want or need. The application process to get your loan is straightforward and user-friendly when applying for financing through Beautifi. Beautifi aims to give Canadians access to surgeries and procedures they want or need without worrying about the significant upfront cost. If you are looking for plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure financing in Canada, Beautifi is the simple solution to your financial needs.

About Beautifi

Beautifi is a Vancouver-based financial technology company that offers financing for plastic surgery, medical, and cosmetic procedures. They use an innovative and technological approach and offer flexible lending solutions to make health and beauty affordable for Canadians.

Beautifi provides a 100% online service that is simple and secure – the application process only takes a few minutes, and getting pre-approved only takes a few seconds! In addition, they have highly flexible terms ranging from six months to six years to make sure the monthly payments are affordable and within your budget.

Not only does Beautifi provide financing, but they also partner with the best doctors across Canada and connect individuals directly to the right practitioner for the procedure they want or need. They have hundreds of verified doctors on their website, with detailed information, frequently asked questions, and genuine reviews so you can choose the right procedure and doctor for you.

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