What Happened to Professionalism? – Gotham Gal

My Grandmother used to go to the bank to clip the non-taxable Government bonds that could be cashed in after holding on to them for twenty years. We would go into a vault to pull out her safety deposit box. She would take out these ornate antique scissors, flatten the book, and slowly and precisely cut the bond. It was quite an experience. When she brought me with her, she insisted I dress appropriately. That meant a skirt and blouse.

This past week I went to a new doctor’s office in LA. Two people worked for the doctor. One was dressed in short white crocodile boots, a black cotton oversized dress with a plunging neckline with a cropped jean jacket over it that had chains hanging off of one shoulder, and a pink truckers hat. Her male counterpart kept calling me babycakes or honeybun. The doctor was micro-managing her staff which wasn’t pretty. Her outfit was a pink polyester doctor’s outfit, similar to scrubs, with dirty high-soled sneakers. She knew her shit, but I couldn’t get past the outfits. Those outfits made me question the doctors’ knowledge.

Clothes make a statement. Clothing can command respect without you even realizing it. You can dress casually, but should a CEO of a multi-billion dollar business be wearing a hoodie and t-shirt to a meeting? We have become a more casual world, but what happened to professionalism?

We had lunch at Layfayette on a Saturday, and the two women were sitting next to us were wearing workout gear. Their tops barely covered their breasts, and their workout pants were low and tight. I didn’t want to see that while having lunch. How hard is it to change to appropriate streetwear?

I might sound like an old lady, but I know plenty of people in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s who agree with me.

When someone walks into the room, the first thing you see before shaking their hand is how they put themselves together. Boom, an impression is made.

As we begin to re-enter the workspace, give some thought to your outfit. There is an old saying; clothes make the man. Well, clothes make the person. Dressing in a certain way can shape your behavior and how you perform. Think about how you feel when you do get dressed up…very different.

As for the doctor, I will never return. It is a toss-up between the clothing or being called honeybun.

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