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Apex Ranking mode loves to give headaches to the players. Those who decide to play Ranked should be fully prepped for challenges awaiting them. So how can you do this properly and become a player who’s ready to conquer new heights? In this guide, you’ll learn more about the fastest way to improve your playstyle. Enjoy your read!

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Top 6 tips on how to start playing Apex better

So, what should you do to hone your skills as an Apex player? Here are some tips that can help you out:

Communication is important

This game is all about teamwork, so you’ll have to build the right communication in your team. Don’t go into silent mode when playing the game. Keep sharing info with others, and don’t forget about the Ping System that allows you to tag loot, locations, and enemies. 

Team up with the players who share the same goals

Playing with random people can be fun, but if things are getting serious, it is best to have a consistent team you can rely on. To speed the process of finding a good team, you can go on Reddit or social media, or use Apex LFG services that are one of the quickest ways to get yourself a new team.

Use Firing Range to improve your accuracy

Training mode is perfect for players of all levels. No matter how good you get at the game, you should never forget about practice! Jump into the mode before the game, and make sure to do some training on a daily basis why you are still learning.

Know your Legends

When you start playing the game, you get access to several legends that are free to play. Once you choose the favorite once and purchase a few more legends, you’ll know what you want to stick to. Study their abilities so you would know how to use them properly in different environments.

Make sure you grab the right weapons 

The moment you land is the moment you should run as fast as you can to find the finest loot. There are 19 different weapons in the game, and it’s best for you to decide prior to the match which one you would like to play with. Of course, you should have two weapons in your loadout, and it would be better to pick guns that would work at different ranges. There are 7 categories available, so do some research and training first to find out what’s most comfortable for you.

Create effective loadouts

A decent loadout is about the right combination of all the tools and weapons the game has given you access to. You need to have one close-range or proximity weapon and one long-range weapon in your loadout. You’re not supposed to be stuck with the same weapons for the whole match, but you should keep in mind the range abilities when picking a gun. Also, don’t forget about the ammo requirements.

Learn from the greatest

The best way to start playing like a PRO is to team up with a real PRO who will guide you through all the basics and important details. Apex Legends coaching services are a perfect tool for that. That’s how you can hire a coach who will help you understand what needs to be fixed and how. Moreover, this is a great opportunity for you to experience what it’s like to go into a battle with the best Apex players.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to learn. All you need to do is just get started. And remember that you don’t have to embark on that big journey just by yourself since many people are ready to help you out!

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