Why Instagram Marketing Is Important for Brands

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to run a business without a powerful online presence. Without visits to your website, there won’t be clients, sales, or profits. That’s why it’s so important to use any means necessary to attract clients to it, and social media offers the perfect opportunities precisely for that. And it’s not only about being present there; it’s about bringing your entire business to the mobile world and carefully choosing which networks to use based on your target audience, your goals, and your needs. 

Right now, with over a billion users, however, Instagram, as one of the most active networks, has proved to be a great option for the majority of businesses across industries. One of the reasons for this is the fact that it’s a visual platform, and visual content is considered to be the most effective when it comes to attracting people, inspiring engagement, and being remembered by those that see it. Our brains simply respond best, in this contest, to visual stimuli, so Instagram is becoming more and more important, causing a real revolution in the world of digital marketing. 

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How Can You Make a Winning Instagram Strategy?

To stand out amongst the millions of business accounts and truly reap the benefits of this amazing social network, it’s not enough to have an account and post images or videos that boast about the quality of your products or services. It takes knowledge, a lot of work, and strategizing. Putting your marketing efforts in the hands of an Instagram growth service is a great way to make sure your strategy is powerful, designed to attract the right people, truly interested in what you have to offer. 

 While most businesses and influencers alike focus on the number of followers, what’s far more important than that, is attracting real people, who will bring value to your account – engaging with your content, interacting with you, and, most importantly, spreading the word about your brand, and most importantly, turning into customers. This is why if you use Instagram tools or hire an agency, they must focus on organic growth, rather than shortcuts such as buying fake followers or bots.

What Are the Advantages of Instagram for Your Business?

Increasing Brand Awareness 

Regardless of your industry or your niche, competition is higher than ever, especially thanks to the internet. And probably the hardest part about starting, running, and growing a business is getting people to know that you exist. Instagram is very effective in increasing brand awareness, and most importantly, it is low-cost. 

Instagram allows you to reach people, both through creating and sharing relevant high-quality content and targeting your ideal customers with paid ads, and thanks to its visual nature, it allows you to leave a powerful impression on your people. 

Increasing Engagement Rate

With the right, detailed Instagram strategy, based on realistic, specific, and time-bound goals, your business account and your engagement rate will grow, which will help you increase website traffic, and, ultimately, sales. To achieve this, you must offer valuable content, which entertains, educates, inspires, and motivates your followers, instead of simply informing them about your products or services. More than that, you should use content to show your values.

Building and Maintaining Customer Loyalty

Offering your followers something in return, such as discounts, rewards for participating in contests, challenges, surveys, will not only further increase your engagement rate but also inspire loyalty in your customers. Responding to any questions or comments they have, asking for feedback, posting regularly, being consistent, creating content themes, etc., is also crucial for building a reputation as a trustworthy brand that puts their customers first, maintaining loyalty, and building a strong and meaningful relationship with your brand community.

Learning More About Your Customers

Instagram allows you to communicate with customers regularly and in a much more personal way. This helps businesses to learn more about their customers’ needs and desires, a precious knowledge that can help you make the necessary changes for growth, as well as avoid mistakes in the future.

Increasing Sales

The main purpose of any marketing effort is to increase profit. Along with your engagement rate, the opportunities for sales will grow continuously, as you improve your Instagram business account. Consumers today prefer buying from companies they can relate to, whose stories they know. Trust and feeling respected and cared for play a huge role in this, as well. 


A good Instagram business account can be an amazing marketing tool for businesses. In today’s business world, being focused on the consumer, instead of on your products and your profits, is the best way to survive and thrive. This popular platform is one of the best channels brands can use to show they care and that they are trustworthy.

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