YouTube Video for X3 Chart Pattern Scanner – Trading Systems – 21 August 2021

Video can clarify a number of particulars about how issues works. You should use this video for first information on utilizing X3 Chart Sample Scanner.

This video was initially created for the earlier Optimum Turning Level Sample Scanner.  Nonetheless, X3 Chart Sample Scanner makes use of virtually identical consumer interface (with a number of highly effective extra options). Therefore, you should use this video for X3 Chart Sample Scanner too. To your info, since X3 Chart Sample Scanner comes with a number of new extra options, the video doesn’t cowl for these options. For instance, X3 Chart sample scanner can present

  • Harmonic Patterns
  • X3 Chart Patterns
  • 52 Japanese candlestick patterns
  • Computerized double commonplace deviation channel
  • and plenty of extra highly effective options


Additionally right here is the product web page for the X3 Chart Sample Scanner. Benefit from the highly effective non repainting and non lagging Harmonic Sample, X3 Sample and Elliott Wave Sample indicator.

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