20VC: Why You Should Think Twice Before Taking Multi-Stage Money at Seed, Why Venture Has Never Been Less Collaborative & How Becoming a Parent Made Me a Better Investor with Deena Shakir, Partner @ Lux Capital

Posted on 25th April 2022 by hstebbings1

Deena Shakir is a Partner at Lux Capital, one of the leading firms investing in emerging science and technology ventures at the outermost edges of what is possible. Deena has led a number of investments including in Maven Clinic, Mos, Ramp, Alife and SteadyMD to name a few. Before joining Lux, Deena was a Partner at GV and previously led product partnerships at Google for early-stage products in healthcare, AI/ML and search at Google. Before tech and venture, Deena was an aspiring anthropologist, journalist, diplomat, aid worker and was a Presidential Management Fellow at the U.S. Department of State under Secretary Clinton. There Deena helped launch President Obama’s first Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2010.

In Today’s Episode with Deena Shakir You Will Learn:

1.) Origins into Venture:

  • How Deena made her way from journalism and the world of politics to rockstar healthcare investor?
  • What were Deena’s biggest takeaways from seeing her parents build a new life in the US?

2.) Competition in Venture:

  • Why should founders not take multi-stage fund money at seed?
  • What problems does it cause? How do VCs try and justify it? What red flags should founders look for?
  • How does Deena advise her companies when it comes to pre-emptive rounds? When should they take them? When should they not take them?

3.) Deena Shakir: The Person

  • How has becoming a parent changed Deena’s operating mentality?
  • Why does Deena believe she has never been better as an investor post becoming a mother?
  • Why does Deena feel so many questions around parenting are wrong? In what ways would she like those questions of female operators and investors to change?

4.) Diversity and Inclusion: We Should Be Optimistic

  • Why is Deena optimistic about the future of diversity and inclusion in tech and venture?
  • What drives her optimism? What remains a cause for concern for Deena on this topic?
  • What more can both companies and venture funds do to improve the landscape?

Item’s Mentioned In Today’s Episode with Deena Shakir

Deena’s Favourite Book: The Power Law: Venture Capital and the Art of Disruption

Deena’s Most Recent Investment: Mos: Banking for Students

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