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If you’re looking to elevate your team’s performance, team-building activities may be exactly what you are looking for.

Team building is important and can help your employees to work together as a unit. This carries over into more efficient work.

We’ve included team building destinations from around the world. Going somewhere exciting can be an additional boost for team morale. 

But you don’t have to spend thousands on international travel to create an amazing team-building experience that will help you inspire and motivate your employees. 

Rome, Italy

Italy is one of the most scenic spots you can choose for a trip. It also offers a wide variety of activities to help with team building

A way to combine company priorities with Italy’s historic charm is to do a treasure hunt with Treasure Hunt in Italy. They offer tours in Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, and more.

Experience the city of your choice from a whole different perspective as you follow clues and try to solve the puzzle. This is a great team-building activity because it requires collaboration and listening. 

See some of Italy’s iconic architecture, like the Bridge of Sighs or the Colosseum, and end up with a happier, more connected team. 

To try something a bit more traditionally Italian, why not take your team out for an art and wine night? Sip bottomless wine in a 17th-century art studio, and tap into your creative side.

Not only is this a fun way to loosen up and bond, but creativity is a vital part of running a successful business. 

Sydney, Australia

For a slightly wilder teambuilding experience, why not head to Australia and try out bush survival activities? 

See if your team can manage to survive the Outback and learn how they respond to adversity. 

This will really require your team to listen to each other and work towards a common goal.

For even more fun options, try out laser tag or ax throwing. You want your team to bond and having them do unusual but exciting activities is a great way to achieve this.  

These kinds of physical activities are often quite different from regular life, and seeing people outside of their comfort zone is a great way to assess strengths and weaknesses. 

To get people really out of their comfort zone, why not get completely out of the box with juggling classes? There will be lots of failure, lots of laughs, and maybe some success. Seeing how your team responds to frustration is a valuable insight. 

Paris, France

France is a great place to visit, either for fun or for work. 

One particularly French activity is taking a cooking class. Make a classic French dish like french onion soup for an experience that combines team-building with the wonders of French cuisine.

You can choose a more challenging recipe that requires a lot of working together to discover how your team works under pressure.

Maybe you want to take it up a notch and turn it into a competition – see which team can make the best coq au vin. 

For something to really keep your team on their toes, try an escape room. Epsilon Escape locks your employees in a psychiatric hospital setting and your team has to use logic to escape.

Communication is also vital in escape rooms, with multiple things happening at once, so your team needs to really listen to each other. 

Florida, U.S.

The Sunshine State is a great place for team building that is a bit closer to home.

Never underestimate the value of downtime for team building. Getting your team to hang out without a structured activity is a great way to get them to bond.

This bonding helps them to feel more like a unit, allowing for natural collaboration to arise. These kinds of activities also help your team to feel like the company is taking care of its employees

This also works well when you get away from the city, allowing them to truly destress and feel like they’ve stepped away from work. 

You can get a boat rental in Islamorada, a village spanning 6 of the Florida Keys. Take to the water and keep an eye out for the Alligator Reef Lighthouse. 

Islamorada is also one of the top fishing locations in the world, so bring along a rod and a few beers. 

Austin, Texas

While Texas as a state has a lot of offer, Austin has a concentrated wealth of unique team building activities

One of these is taking part in an Art Heist Experience. This requires your team to gather clues from actors to solve a real-life mystery of a $500 million art theft. 

Each show is improvised and entirely different, making it something you can return back to. Get your employees immersed in this experience and watch them turn into expert detectives and problem solvers. 

Another unique activity is the Game On ATX game show experience. This offers a lot more than your traditional trivia night.

Game On can customize a whole set of questions about your company, allowing for an amazing combination of fun, bonding, and learning. This kind of experience can also really help to motivate your employees. 

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