5 Creative Ways To Raise Medical Funds for a Friend or Relative

Raise Medical Funds for a Friend or Relative


Medical expenses can add up quickly, and many people end up burdened by their bills. Fortunately, there are options you can use to alleviate the stress a friend or relative is experiencing after having a healthcare emergency. Here are five creative ways to raise medical funds for a friend or relative.

1. Use a Crowdfunding Platform

Usually, the simplest way to raise medical funds is using a crowdfunding platform. It’s a place where people can tell their friend’s or relative’s story, making the campaign feel more personal. Plus, it’s easy to advertise the page on social media or circulate it among other loved ones. The financial side is also streamlined, as the platform handles the processing and releasing of funds.

2. Get Support from a Live Streamer

If you’re a live streamer or are close to one, you can hold a live stream where all provided funds are redirected to your friend or family member’s medical bills. In some cases, you can take donations through the streaming platform directly. If that’s not possible, then guide viewers to an appropriate crowdfunding platform after setting up a fundraiser there.

This option works because it can help build excitement and creates opportunities for those who donate to receive thanks. Just be aware that it works best if the viewer count is reasonably sizeable. Additionally, make sure to review any streaming platform rules before holding the event, ensuring there aren’t any restrictions that bar this type of activity.

3. Hold a Group Yard Sale

One low-cost way to raise funds for someone’s medical expenses is a group yard sale. See who would like to participate and then see which house has the best location for such a sale. As the date of the sale draws closer, have everyone start bringing the items they’d like to sell to the selected home. Work together to set prices and decide which things should be placed with others on the sale day.

Make sure you get a suitable amount of change – including small bills and actual coins – before the sale day, too. Then, have a few people working the sale at all times, making it easier to engage with buyers and keep items and money secure. At the end of the day, recoup any out-of-pocket expenses, such as the change someone had to prepare, and let the rest of the money assist your friend or family member.

4. Set Up a Fundraising Dinner

Fundraising dinners are charitable events where participants pay for a meal, and the funds provided go to a particular cause, like a person’s medical bills. With these, it’s often easiest to coordinate with a community nonprofit or religious organization your family member or friend is connected to in some capacity. By doing so, you can increase your odds of getting a high number of attendees, leading to more donations.

Generally, you’ll want to have a per-plate donation to attend the dinner, but it’s also wise to allow people to donate more during the event. You can even couple the deal with other donation-generating activities, such as the option listed below.

5. Coordinate a Raffle

A raffle can be a fun way to raise funds for a variety of purposes, including a family member’s or friend’s medical bills. However, you’ll need to coordinate with an organization that’s authorized to hold raffles in your state. Raffles are often akin to gambling in the eyes of the local government, and only approved and licensed entities are allowed to conduct them.

However, there are organizations that may be willing to assist with the raffle. Local nonprofits and religious organizations may have the appropriate authorizations. As a result, you may be able to partner with them to conduct a raffle on behalf of your family member or friend. Laws do vary by state, so check the rules in your area to determine whether such a partnership is necessary.

Once you find a way to hold the raffle, you’ll need to get prizes to offer. While this usually involves an upfront expense, those costs could be offset by the ticket sales. To increase your chances of selling enough tickets, you need to ensure that the raffle is a major event with enough attendees to reach the associated financial goal. If you’re partnering with an organization, they can potentially assist in that regard as well, increasing your odds of success.


Do you know of any other creative ways to raise medical funds for a friend or relative that people should consider? Did you use one of the strategies above and want to tell others about your results? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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