5 Reasons Why Facebook is Better Than Instagram

There are plenty of sites on the internet for people to gain popularity on social media, and you may not know how to decide which one is best for you. Facebook and Instagram, however, are two of the most popular apps to date.

Facebook app

Companies use Facebook for marketing purposes because it lets them interact with their audience by posting photos and videos that link back to their website. Instagram is a photo-sharing app that showcases pictures in an artistic manner with filters. So which site is better?

Facebook continues to be the social media app of choice among a wide range of individuals and businesses. It has 2 billion monthly active users that are spending on average 50 minutes per day on Facebook’s services. In comparison, Instagram has 800 million monthly active users.

Also, contrary to popular belief, Facebook is not just for old people. Facebook offers a variety of features along with a wider reach on Instagram, check this best site to buy Facebook followers, which make it more engaging, reliable, and personalized.

Reason 1: Facebook Has Better Advertising Platforms

Facebook’s advertising platform can be used to market products or services online as they have more affordable fees than many other ad platforms available online today that can get you and your company a wider reach on social media.

Since Facebook users are already looking at the ads, they are in the mood for the products or services being advertised. Because of this, Facebook ads are over 500% more effective than regular banner ads online.

Reason 2: Facebook Has A Better Customer Support Team

I don’t see how anyone can deny that customer service is one of, if not the most important factor when it comes to social media. Without a customer support team, you’re like a ship without an engine. You may sail for a while but unless you develop technology that can keep your customers happy and satisfied with their purchases or services no one will want to purchase from you again.

Facebook comes with great customer support that not only lets you gain popularity on social media but also you can be certain that it will help you in any way it can.

Reason 3: Facebook Has Better Functionality On A PC

On both a mobile and a computer, Facebook offers the equivalent functionality. Instagram is more mobile-centric, and people can’t access all of its functions on a computer.

Though users may still access the posts and videos, they are unable to post or send direct messages using their PCs. Because Instagram is primarily used for sharing photos and videos, using it on a computer is somewhat pointless.

Furthermore, Instagram on PC is not user-friendly; nonetheless, Facebook provides the greatest encounter achievable in both modes.

Reason 4: Facebook Has More Users Than Instagram

You may think that Instagram is the better choice for you since it has such a high user base, and this is true. With over 200 million active users, Instagram is certainly a good choice.

If however, you want your product or service to have a wider reach on Instagram, let’s check the site to Buy Facebook views, Likes or Followers and a huge audience that’s willing to spend more money on your products, then you may want to consider advertising on Facebook instead.

Facebook has over 1 billion active users, which means that you can reach more people there than anywhere else!

Reason 5: Facebook Is More Family Friendly

Instagram is an app that’s filled with photos and other images that can be inappropriate. This makes it a not so good place to take your kids on, and I wouldn’t recommend it to be used on your computer at home!

Instagram is better suited for younger people who are looking for a more mature atmosphere. Meanwhile, Facebook is a great site that any family can use and can keep their children happy.


More Reasons

  • Facebook doesn’t warp your photos.
  • Here you can still find quality content without having to scroll endlessly for hours and hours.
  • Along with this, there’s no pressure to post anything all day because you have notifications turned off on your phone.
  • Posting something doesn’t impact your follower count like it would on other platforms where “likes” are everything.


As you can see from this article, Facebook is the better choice than Instagram by many different factors. Maybe you’re thinking that Instagram has the largest number of users or maybe a different app doesn’t have all of these great features but don’t be silly.

Make the smart decision and choose Facebook as your social media site of choice because it will get you results.

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