5 Secrets To Improve Your Podcast SEO

As people move from written to informative audio content, podcasts are becoming the new buzz. The number of podcast listeners is surging. Also, new podcasts are coming up per day. Unlike past few years, there are millions of podcast episodes available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google podcast among other podcast platforms.

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This aspect is creating a huge pool of episodes available to podcast lovers. But for podcast creators, the pool is limiting your space. It is becoming a challenge to appear on the search results despite having concrete and informative episodes.

If your desire is to get more traffic of listeners from the search engines, you need to do one thing: make your podcast SEO friendly. Here are some secret to achieve this objective:

Have a website or page for your podcast

The first step in enhancing the SEO for your podcast is establishing a dedicated page for it. Have a website whose sole purpose is to share your podcast episodes. If you already have a website, you can consider creating an independent page for your podcast.

This aspect helps you to bring your episodes under one house. By doing so, you improve your user experience. The listeners can decide which episode they want to listen to at a time. Also, it will make it easy for search engines to crawl and index the content. This way, you will improve your SERP ranks.

Optimize your episode descriptions

The episode description is a powerful pillar when it comes to SEO podcast affairs. This part is appears in many places. The description will appear of various podcast platforms, your host page, and website. As such, you need to make it search engine friendly.

The best way to do this is incorporating specific keywords that you want to rank on. Also, you must identify the target audience and your intent on the show. Having a concrete podcast and episode descriptions will work miracles and enhance your ranking.

Have optimized show notes

Each episode of your podcast should feature show notes. These notes are a summary of what the episode covered. It is a good way to help your audience get an idea of what they will hear from the talk show. This part offers you a great opportunity to improve your SEO.

What you need to do is to include your target keywords that you are seeking to rank for. Spread it evenly for easy crawling and indexing by the ranking robots. Importantly, ensure your keywords flow with the content. Do not voice a keyword. The use should be natural. Also, avoid keyword stuffing. Doing so will work negatively on Google and audience do not like it too.

Consider keywords on your podcast

With voice search and AI, search engines can analyze specific information on the audio content. This aspect means that they can locate various key phrases from your podcast episodes. You can utilize this opportunity to optimize your podcast for the search engine.

When running the show, consider having a systematic usage of your target keywords. You can follow the same strategy as in blogs. In other words, use the keywords on the introduction, body, and conclusion parts of your podcast. This approach will help the search engine identify and show your podcast when a listener key in that key phrase.    

Go for short episodes    

Talking is sweet and everyone want to share more and more with their peers. For this reason, people do podcast that are even over 1hour long. While it is a good way to share detailed information, it does not work for your SEO.

If you want to boost your podcast SEO, you must opt for short but informative episodes. Your episode need to be between 10 and 15 minutes long. Remember, the listener is want to get a solution faster. So, do not force them to listen to an hour long episode. Go short and see your podcast hold top positions on SERP.

And that’s how you can improve your podcast SEO without much hustles.

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