5 Types of Chairs That You Should Not Buy Without Doing the Research

It is sometimes said that one should never skimp on the products that separate us from the ground. That includes things like shoes, tires, and you guessed it: chairs. This is generally good advice, especially with chairs because they serve to do more than keep us from landing on the floor when we bend our knees. The wrong chair can be responsible for all manner of aches and pains that are hard to diagnose and treat. Those chair-related injuries are the kind that often stays with us forever because we never do anything to correct the root of the problem.

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One big mistake when making a chair purchase is thinking that all chairs are basically the same. They most certainly are not. Here are different kinds of chairs for different situations, and what you need to know before buying one of them.

  1. Office Chair

An office has many types of chairs. There are the waiting room chairs, the workstation chair, and the CEO chair just to name three. For a good task chair, consider something like a Razor chair. You want something that can easily slide over all surfaces, is near infinitely adjustable, has proper lumbar support, and can fit people of all shapes and sizes. 

You might buy 50 of these chairs for your office. And each chair has to accommodate everyone who needs to sit down. You don’t order custom configurations for each person. You order chairs that can be configured after the fact for whoever needs to use them. Comfort and ergonomic support have to be at the top of the list when shopping for this type of chair. People will be sitting in these chairs for several hours a day. If workers are struggling with their desk chairs, then they are not making you as much money as they otherwise could. Examine all the key factors before buying this type of chair.

  1. Gaming Chair

Gaming is big business, and so is the business of gaming chairs. Racing-style gaming chairs tend to have high backs with headrests like the kind you would see in a car. The idea is to put you in a mindset of actually driving a vehicle. The look of the chair makes you think about going fast on a track. This type of chair is sometimes bundled with a racing wheel and pedal for a greater feeling of authenticity. Look for gaming chairs with auxiliary speakers built-in.

  1. Theater Chair

Do you watch a lot of movies and TV at home? You don’t need a dedicated movie room to appreciate good theater seating. Your home gear might be good enough so that the best Cinema format for watching The Batman might be your living room. You don’t have to spend extra on specific theater seating. If it is just you and your partner, consider one of those love seats that recline. The reclining feature is important for sleeping during those boring movies. Look for seats with cup holders, and perhaps a center unit with a storage compartment and a place to hold snacks and a smartphone.

  1. Dining Chair

This can be a tricky category because the dining chair is highly dependent on the height of your table. The chair cannot be too tall because you don’t want to be hunched over to eat. You will also want to avoid chairs with arms on them as they most often get in the way as you are eating. One overlooked factor is how easily they move across the floor. These chairs will be moved more than any other type of chair you buy. Wheels might be beneficial, and will also not damage your floor.

  1. Active Chair

A standing desk is often accompanied by a type of chair known as an active chair. There are many styles. Some sacrifice stability for the ability to keep your muscles in motion while sitting. This is not a good compromise. Active chairs are great but only if there is no compromise with stability. These can be found. But you have to be sure of what you are getting before you buy.

Task chairs, gaming chairs, theater chairs, dining chairs, and active chairs are specialty products that have earned their place in the world. But before they find a place in your home or office, do the research. 

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