5 Ways To Attract More Customers To Your Company

5 Best Ways to Attract Customers to Your Company

We suggest you consider these 5 ways to increase your customer base. But choose only optimal tools for the development of your business. You should consider the domain, sales volume, budget for advertising, specifics of your target audience (age, status, interests, etc).

1. Use Cold Calling

Cold calling is among the most popular methods of attracting new customers. The method is based on direct interaction with target potential clients. With a certain frequency, the manager calls the client based on a “script”, which contains relevant information about the unique and new proposals (terms, conditions). The main task of the manager – to interest as many customers as possible.

2. Use Reviews

Positive reviews are the best advertisement for attracting customers. Users are more willing to leave negative feedback, such as late delivery, defective products, etc. They should not be ignored, a conflict situation with the client should be resolved so that he or she was ultimately satisfied. You should understand that clients leave good reviews much less frequently. Your task is to encourage customers to leave such reviews. You can give discounts or bonuses to the customers that left reviews. Also, take into account that customer reviews with pictures are considered the most effective.

3. Offer Free Training

A good idea for attracting customers is free training. Anyone can sell products, but not everyone teaches how to use them. Imagine the situation: a company sells complex, expensive equipment. After buying it, customers will have to spend time learning its functionality. You can offer the customer to train the staff to work with the equipment, and he or she will buy the necessary goods in your company.

Another example is the company Mary Kay®. Consultants not only sell high-quality cosmetics that have passed dozens of tests and trials, but they also regularly organize master classes, workshops, and seminars for clients. There they teach how to do makeup, how to choose lipstick or foundation, etc.

4. Make a Unique Offer With a Limited Validity Period

Promotions, discounts on services, and other good deals should have a limited time limit. A time limit encourages a person to buy a product or use services right away so that they don’t lose the opportunity to do so.

5. Use Chatbots

A chatbot is a virtual assistant that can help a client in solving different questions. Let’s take credit services as an example. Previously, to find out the amount to pay or when to make a payment, the client had to call a manager or go into a personal account. The use of chatbots has simplified this procedure. Now the customer just has to log in on the website, enter the question, and the system will give out the necessary information. Chatbots provide such important benefits:

  • Increased retention rate on the web pages
  • Popularization of the website
  • Reduction of expenses on employees’ remuneration
  • Increased loyalty of the targeted audience
  • Increased sales

The chatbot will help to find the necessary information about a product or service or make an order. Earlier chatbots were developed by programmers. Now the website owner himself can connect a chatbot that will communicate with customers.


There are many methods to attract customers. Of course, only one or two methods to use is impractical, because the effect will have to wait a long time. But you should not use all available methods, because it is your time, money and effort.

Attracting clients is a complex, multi-step task that requires a professional approach to each client. Even minor mistakes and inaccuracies can lead to all the money spent on marketing being thrown away. It is better to delegate the attraction of customers to professionals. Entrust the management of advertising campaigns and work with the client base to professionals.

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