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Did you know that around 300 industries have franchising opportunities in America? Each year more and more franchises pop up, but it doesn’t mean they’ll all be successful.

Are you trying to develop your own franchise marketing strategy? Are you struggling to find ways to get attention on your brand?

The following guide will explain 5 ways to create an effective franchise marketing plan. Read on and learn what it takes to market your franchise the right way.

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1. Establish an Online Presence

Find different ways to build and invest in your online presence. Get your brand and franchise listed on as many sites as you can. Consider franchise SEO marketing and franchise PPC marketing.

SEO marketing is a great way to get traffic from search engine results. The goal is to enhance your site’s position in the results. You can read more now to get a better understanding of SEO practices and their benefits.

PPC stands for pay-per-click is and involves paying a fee when your ads are clicked. So, you only have to pay for advertising if it’s actually generating clicks. Think of it as buying’ visits to your site rather than organic searches.

2. Update Marketing Materials

Outdated stock images and formats in brochures give a bad first impression. Put money and time into presenting your brand professionally with a modern look.

Customers are more likely to call you back or respond to an email if they’re impressed by your presentation. Consider hiring a graphic designer to help with your visuals and grab people’s focus.

3. Create Content Consistently

There are a lot of franchises and a lot of content to promote them online. You can’t take your foot off the gas with content if you want to compete.

Post pictures, blogs, stories, and anything else you can think of that’s relevant to your brand or product. Make your posts weekly if not daily and highlight your clothing line, food, services, etc. 

4. Attend Franchise Events

Attending franchise exhibitions and tradeshows is a great way to promote your brand. However, booths are often expensive so go in with a solid plan to maximize your investment.

You can even just attend these events instead of renting a booth. Entry fees are usually cheap and mostly require your effort and time. Even without a booth, you’ll find many ways to network with other franchises and brands.

5. Consider Franchise Brokers

Franchise brokers can help a franchise grow in the early stages. They usually work on a commission basis to help develop your franchise. Brokers use their own money to create leads for your company.

Commissions might cut into your profits, but it’s a smart investment for newer franchises. It will help fast-track your brand and franchise to validation and move to the next stage.

Make Your Franchise Marketing Plan

Now you know 5 effective franchise marketing techniques to help grow your business. Remember, prioritize your online presence, update your materials, and don’t be afraid to use brokers.

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