6 Interesting Facts About Wholesale Diamonds in Frisco, TX

Diamonds, over the years, have been a great form of investment for the majority of people and buying a diamond that you could invest on could be very confusing, especially if it is your first time. Can a normal person buy wholesale diamonds? Are our wholesale diamonds cheaper?

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There are a ton of wholesale diamond shops that have been popping up, like Shira Diamonds wholesale diamond in Frisco, TX that you could go to for more information, but here are 6 interesting facts about wholesale diamonds in Frisco, TX.

What is a wholesale diamond and where can you find one in Frisco?

1. You would be able to save more money when you buy a diamond from a wholesaler than when you buy a diamond from a store

When you go to a diamond wholesaler in Frisco, they are going to show you about 4 to 8 loose diamonds that you are possibly looking for and they would let you look at these diamonds under a 10x magnifying glass so that you would be able to see all of the blemishes and the internal flaws like cracks, scratches and air bubbles yourself.

You would be able to walk out with a new and customized engagement ring since the majority of the wholesale diamond sellers would be able to custom make jewelry for you.

2. Customization of jewelry

When you buy wholesale loose diamonds, there are people who think that adding and customizing your jewelry when you already have your loose diamond means that customizing and setting it on a piece of jewelry would be cheaper.

Though this could be the case in most situations, the word “cheaper” is an operative word here.

It would still depend on the kind of metal and the setting would be. You could ask them to sign a custom ring form, and if they refuse to sign it, then don’t sign it as well.

3. Wholesalers

Be careful on who you choose to work with and do your research on the vendor before you make any purchases because there are some people who are not the best to work with.

4. Wholesalers do not sell to other stores

Usually, you are going to have to be a certified jeweler with a state business license if you want to purchase wholesale diamonds, along with being a member of the Jewelry Board of Trade and having at least 3 references from other wholesalers to make sure that you are legit.

5. Wholesale Loose diamonds

When you are buying diamonds wholesale, they are loose diamonds most of the time, meaning these minerals had been cut and polished but they have not been placed on an engagement ring or any pieces of jewelry. This means you are buying the diamond on its own.

6. Rapaport Diamond Report

Every diamond wholesaler has access to the Rapaport Diamond Report, a pricing report that sets up a whole matrix that varies from all of the diamonds’ different shapes, colors, carats, and clarity.

The wholesaler should be able to give you the price listed on Rapaport Diamond Report or lower when they are giving it to you to make sure that you are getting the right diamonds for the price range that you are about to pay.

How to choose the perfect wholesale diamond for you in Frisco?

1. Information

The first step that you could do when you are going through your journey of finding the perfect wholesale diamond for you is gathering more information through reading through different articles near Frisco that would be able to help learn more about the different shapes and quality of diamonds, giving you an idea on what to look for and how to buy diamonds for investment.

You can keep up with all of the latest trends, news, auctions, and other information from magazines such as Frisco style magazine and lifestyle Frisco..

2. Prices

When it comes to the prices, you have to look at all of the different diamond prices of the whole industry since wholesale prices are completely different from retail prices.

Occasionally check the Rapaport Diamond Report Chart to keep yourself updated with wholesale diamond prices.

3. Quotes and Certificates

You could collect quotes and diamond certificates from different places and compare them to find the right dealer to partner with.

Diamond quotes are used to see information about all of the diamonds that you may be interested in from different places from different diamond consultants and find the exact loose diamond that you are looking for at the best possible price.

After they have found the exact diamond, or diamonds that are close to the ones that you are looking for, then they will send you the diamond certificates. Make sure that the certificate of the diamond is from GIA because they have the most accurate and reliable grading systems for their diamonds that are used internationally.

4. Seeing the product

Seeing the loose diamond in person is important because buying a diamond is a big investment and you have to make sure that it looks the way you want it before taking the big leap and purchasing the stones.

There could be possible options for you to see the actual loose diamond before you could make the purchase. You could go and visit their office yourself, meet their agents, and see the diamond in person, or the wholesaler could go to where you are. For the third option, a lot of wholesalers offer to fly their consultants out for free.

How to care for your new wholesale diamond?

Taking care of your loose diamond is important and it is recommended that you go and clean it every couple of weeks to make sure that the rock is kept in pristine condition. The 4 elements that you are mostly going to need are warm water, ammonia, a toothbrush, and dishwashing detergent.

You could start by putting warm water in a bowl, add dishwashing detergent and ammonia, but make sure that it’s kept at a small amount. Mix everything then place the diamond and let it soak in the water for a few minutes before you clean the mineral gently with the toothbrush. After which, you should wash the diamond under clean warm water until the bubbles are gone.

Buying wholesale diamonds in Frisco, Texas has been made easy, especially now that we could do our diamond shopping online.

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