6 Services That a Branding And Communications Marketing Agency Can Offer

2022 will be a challenging year for entrepreneurs, with most already getting their branding activities in order. The slump during the pandemic made businesses take a step back and revisit their branding strategy. Research has also found that about 69% of customers believed that the brand they trust impacts society positively.

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Attention spans are shrinking, and it means that you only have a few seconds to make an impression. Your time may be as low as five milliseconds. Therefore, your branding efforts begin with your landing page. You can retain the services of a branding and communications agency such as thenowprotocol.com, which can provide the below-mentioned services to scale your visibility.

Identity Creation

Your business has a great logo, but identity creation does not end there. It includes an entire suite of activities such from one-time graphic projects to a whole suite and visual identity creation. You need to ensure that you create a visual blueprint that targets your audiences and resonates with your organizational goals.

It will begin with market research and go on the prototyping and launch. The agency will incorporate your ideas into their designs and create a compelling campaign.


Once your business identity is created, the next step is to create a brand. Here, you make people recognize and love the identity you have created. It is all about how you stand out from the crowd and differentiate your business. A branding specialist analyzes your target markets, studies the competition, and makes recommendations on-brand messaging to audiences.


Now that you have a brand identity that people recognize and relate to, it is time to let everyone know about it. You need to develop an Omni-channel communications strategy that gives voice to your brand. Here’s where your creativity kicks in.

You can use online and offline media to send your brand awareness messages. Creating content that is unique and informational at the same time can help generate organic traffic. It was found that small businesses with blogs generated 126% more leads than those without.

Print Advertising

Limiting your branding and communication efforts to a single media platform can result in brand suicide. You need a multi-prong action, and print media is one of those prongs. One example is newspapers.

Despite many people switching to digital news sources, about 24.3 million people still read the newspaper on weekdays, which jumps to 25.8 million on Sundays. These statistics cannot be ignored, and therefore print advertising should be part of your communications exercise.

Digital Advertising

It goes without saying that the number of digital media users is only increasing. Businesses today spend a little over half of their advertising budget on digital advertising. The platform may differ, from social to educational, but the intent is the same—increasing awareness of your brand.

Video And Graphics

Videos and graphics have been found to engage with customers 49% better, and 53% of marketers believe that they help increase brand awareness. Short films, webinars, and videos can help you create a versatile campaign posted on several channels such as TV, social media, and your website.

Businesses spent an average of $300 or less to create videos in 2020. You can get your branding and communications partner to create a video portfolio using market research, which can be used over time to keep your brand’s image fresh in the audience’s minds.

Branding is no longer a DIY activity. It requires research, an in-depth understanding of what audiences relate to, and awareness of the different media and platforms available. When you hire a professional branding and communications service provider, you ensure that your brand is on the top of the consumer’s mind.

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