6 Tips To Grow Your Accounting Firm This 2022

With increased competition in the accounting field nowadays, you may want to expand your business and outshine your competitors. After all, expanding enables you to attract new clients, make more profits, remain competitive, and retain your customers. However, growth is sometimes challenging as you may have to make significant changes in your firm. It may put a lot of pressure on your employees and funds.  

Therefore, you need to employ intelligent tactics to achieve smooth growth and positive outcomes. And for that, below are some tips you may follow to expand your accounting business this year:

  1. Build A Website

Having up-to-date CPA websites increase your reach, thus attracting many new leads and transforming them into regular customers. Here are some benefits of updating your website:

  • Augments your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts
  • Allows your business more exposure
  • Boosts your advertising funnel
  • Enlightens your readers of the new services your firm offers
  • Improves your brand’s visual appeal

However, you want to ensure your website looks great and is user-friendly since it’s one of the first places potential customers will interact with your brand. It’s also where your existing clients find new information about your products and services.

Mark you, no client reads a boring website. So, make it a point of designing your site to your level best, giving visitors a solid reason to stick around. Also, update it as often as possible. If your accounting clients find new information on your website each time they visit, they would likely see your brand as a consistent one and do more business with you.

  1. Team Up With The Right Partners

There could be a limit to operating a business alone. You can do a lot more with teamwork. Collaborating with the right partners augments your growth in the following ways:

  • Through referrals: If your partners find potential clients who need your services, they may refer them to you. It enables you to gain new clients.
  • Mutual influence: If your partners are respectable and reliable, new clients may also trust you, thus strengthening your brand.
  • Customer loyalty: By referring clients to your experienced partners, you build customer loyalty. Therefore, they may return to you for more services.  
  • Resource mobilization: You may be able to combine resources with your partners, enabling you to cover any that you miss in your firm.

Most importantly, choose partners that offer complementary services to avoid competition. 

  1. Make Use Of Social Media

The majority of the world’s population uses social media. It makes it one of the best platforms for you to market your services and generate leads. So, start setting up your profiles on the most popular networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can use these social sites to engage with potential customers. The result is a strong bond between your brand and the public, which helps influence them to do business with you.

Aside from customer engagement, social media is an excellent source of information and ideas that you can incorporate into your business to grow.

  1. Create A Referral Program

Developing referral programs for your firm goes a long way to enhance your business’s growth and success. This program refers to satisfied customers directing new clients to your firm by giving testimonials of the good services they received from you. In return, you reward them for the leads.

Your primary goal is, therefore, to provide high-quality services. It satisfies your clients. Happy customers will likely be excited to talk about you with their friends, family, and neighbors. They can willingly refer you without any reservations. You can also motivate them by giving them gift cards or offering subsidized fees for each referral that they turn into a customer.

  1. Embrace New Technology

You may want to adopt current accounting software and tools to make you stand out from your competitors. Such software ensures your services are more accurate, precise, and efficient. Technology also enhances your growth in the following ways:

  • Artificial Intelligence can help you automate complicated and repetitive tasks. Using this can lead to decreased operational charges and more accurate outcomes.
  • Mobile accounting enables you to run your firm and connect with clients from any location.
  • Cloud computing allows you and your employees to perform your job duties away from the office. The cloud also enables you to convey financial data and records without compromising the security of sensitive data.  
  • With technology, you can communicate seamlessly with your customers 24/7. Customers nowadays demand such high levels of responsiveness.
  1. Hire Proficient Employees

Don’t go for the unskilled employees just because you are afraid of hiring skilled people with high salary demands. Remember, cheap is expensive. Unskilled workers require more training, and they may make costly mistakes while carrying out your business operations. They may disappoint your customers and end up losing them in the process.  

Hiring expert accountants can ensure you achieve the best outcomes. They can provide high-quality services to your customers, making them more satisfied and permanent. As a result, your accounting firm can have improved profitability and growth.


Growth is a significant indicator of a successful and profitable firm. You wouldn’t want to stagnate and revolve around the same spot year after year. So, try implementing the six tips above in your accounting firm to gain more customers and earn handsome profits.

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