8 Perks to Provide Your Staff at Work

Companies spend a lot of money providing perks and benefits for employees. The fact is that these investments are minimal compared to what they spend on marketing and IT costs. However, they yield a high reward when it comes to employee satisfaction and loyalty. Here are 10 perks you can consider providing your staff at work.

Electric Car Charging

If you’re encouraging staff to be eco-friendly why not put your money where your mouth is? By installing a Tesla charger and other EV charging stations you can give your staff peace of mind that they will have enough power to get home at the end of the day. It’s a great perk and one that will set you apart from your competitors.

Free Meals of Their Choice

Some companies, especially in healthcare need a quick meal option when they have a break. Being able to order the food they want and have it ready as soon as their break starts is an excellent perk to offer. You can provide filling and nourishing options through your cafeteria or provide free meals through a local company. Eating well will ensure that staff has the energy they need to work and do it with excellence.

Mandatory Break Time

Companies are usually good at ensuring that hourly employees take their breaks. But salaried employees tend to work through breaks and not disconnect from work for short spurts throughout the day. If you offer a mandatory break time where everyone is expected to step away from their computers, this can actually improve productivity, lead to less stress, and show that you as an employer care about the wellbeing of your team.

Healthy Snacks and Drinks

Want to improve employee morale? Offering healthy snacks and drinks, and maybe a few unhealthy ones as well can go a long way. Snacks are a great perk to provide for the people who work for you. Since eating snacks is shown to improve focus, it can also lead to better output and productivity. Long days at the office mean that people need fuel to keep going.

A Nap Room

Okay, while napping half the day probably isn’t going to be good for your company, allowing employees the chance to rest is an amazing perk. You are paying for their time and their output and tired employees are ineffective employees. A nap room is a great perk to offer your staff. A nap can be an excellent way to recharge and get through the rest of the day, especially for people who work long hours. Naps for just 20 minutes can provide a better boost than more coffee. It helps people regain their focus, be more creative, and be better problem solvers.

PTO to Do Volunteer Work

Did you know that volunteer work helps your community in amazing ways? Whether people help at a homeless shelter or they work with sick animals, volunteering improves their health. As an employer, you might feel like PTO for sick or vacation time is enough. But what if you gave your staff special days off just to go help out in the community? Not only will your people benefit from better health and a sense of well-being, but your company will get a reputation for caring about the community.

Dry Cleaning Services

Odds are people need dry cleaning because of the clothes they wear to work. Offering dry cleaning services that they can drop off and pick up at work is an excellent perk to offer your staff. It saves them time after work because they won’t need to stop anywhere else to get their clothes cleaned. You could even provide laundry services through a local company for staff who don’t want to do it themselves.

Fitness and Wellness Classes

Perks help to keep employees healthy and happy. One of the best perks to offer is fitness and wellness classes like Yoga or nutrition. You can hold classes in the office or pay for employees to get them outside of the office. These classes are a great perk, especially for people trying to improve or maintain their health.


Offering perks is more than just a medical or dental benefits package. It’s about going above and beyond so that your employees feel like valuable members of your company.

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