Apple hid its ‘Dynamic Island’ in Jamaica thanks to the Caribbean nation’s trademark law or tech inefficiencies? | Silicon Caribe

Apple went throught great lengths to keep its ‘Dynamic Island’ iPhone 14 Pro feature hidden from competitors by trademarking it in Jamaica, because of its unusual laws. You see, in order to search for trademarks filed in the Caribbean island, you have to physically visit the country’s trademark and patent office. The Reality Pro trademarks were global.

Now as a Jamaican, I’m like, soooo our technology inefficiencies allowed this to happen, even as we know it’s pretty standard for tech companies to get creative about where and how they file trademarks

Anyway, Apple filed this secret trademark on July 12, and was only revealed because Apple recently filed in New Zealand where the application is “searchable online.

Well, now that cat’s out of the bag with this Pro trademark trick. Makes me wonder which other companies are doing this. Maybe SiliconCaribe should pay the trademark and patent office a little visit.

Anyway, Congrats Apple!

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