Bastille: Cellular & RF-Based Threat Detection – Enterprise Podcast Network

Chris Risley, the CEO at Bastille that develops cellular and radio frequency-based threat detection, location and alerting joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Chris Risley discuss the following:

  1. Who is Bastille and can you describe your product offerings?
  2. Can you discuss how radio frequency (RF) threats can impact an organization?
  3. What is Bastille doing to help counteract the ongoing and evolving cyber threats?
  4. A few months ago, the iPhones of U.S. Embassy employees in Uganda were recently hacked using spyware developed by Israel’s NSO Group, can you let our viewers know what’s very alarming about this spy story and how the phones were compromised?
  5. What are some best practices that corporations should evaluate and adopt to improve their security posture and protect their employees and company IP.
  6. What is one takeaway that you’d like to leave with our listeners tuning in today?

Chris Risley has over 25 years of software business experience during which he has led nine venture-backed startups resulting in one IPO and six sales to public companies. Most recently Risley was CEO of Defense.Net, which sold to F5 Networks. Prior to this Chris was Chairman of StreamBase, which sold to TIBCO. Risley was also CEO of Digital Reef until it was acquired by TransPerfect in late 2012. Before that, Risley was CEO of Nominum, Inc. acquired by Akamai. Risley’s background also includes service as CEO of NewChannel, an eBusiness service provider sold to LivePerson, and as Chairman and CEO of ON Technology Corp., a network security software provider acquired by Symantec.


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