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This visceral, piercing sound that Netflix makes as it flashes the colour-splitting clip on our screens is an intro video. The short, 3-second video is enough for us to pledge our attention to whatever is ahead of us. 

An intro video, the term itself being pretty self-explanatory, is a direct and short introductory video that acquaints your viewer with a product or service. From the marketing perspective, intro videos establish your brand and communicate the video’s intent to your audience. 

The entire model of online monetization is based on making your viewer stay on the website for as long as possible. The fight for this fleeting attention is precarious, as several factors come into play at all times. That is why making intro videos a mandatory element of your published video content should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.  

Types of Intro Videos

An intro video depends upon the content that it precedes. 

When it comes to YouTube videos, you need a 10 to 30-second long intro video that successfully encapsulates the essence of your channel and the content you carry. 

For video traversing on other social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook, a 3-second video is enough to introduce your content to unique eyes. 

How to Make an Intro Video

Creating an intro video for your YouTube channel or social media has never been easier. All you require is a compatible and clear idea about your content. 

Online video editing tools are a great platform to start with. You can make professional and high-quality intro videos without prior editing experience. They have an immense library with hundreds of customizable templates available for free.

Five Marketing Benefits of a Killer Intro Video

Here are the benefits of using an intro video for your marketing.

  1. It places your value proposition.

An intro video bares the intent of your video in front of the audience. 

Who are you? 

What is your brand? 

What is your video about? 

These are some questions that encumber a user as soon as they lay an eye on your content. 

In this scenario, you can be their friend and guide their hand to your core message with a value-packed intro video. Or, you can confuse them with mixed signals and force them to skip the entire video. 

  1. It appeals to the shrinking attention of the audience.

As per a report released by Facebook, it takes only 1.5 seconds for an average user to decide if they want to watch a video or not. 

Intro videos act as a saving grace when dealing with these statistics and competing with a hundred other videos per minute. People like consistency — and glancing over a familiar clip increases the odds of choosing to watch a video. 

  1. It sets the tone of the video.

Clickbait is so 2015. Making the audience click and not delivering their chosen content is unforgivable. 

You can customize your video to tell a snippet of your content, or keep a uniform clip for all videos. With a personalized intro video, you get to present the tone of the remaining content in mere seconds. 

Remember, intro videos are like a shot of espresso: dense, packed with flavor, and gripping. 

  1. It establishes a connection quickly.

According to Facebook, 65% of internet users can watch 10 or more seconds of your video if you can get them to watch the first 3 seconds. 

Holding the entire Internet in your pocket appears to be a great idea. That is, until you realize you are competing with the whole world for the attention of your target audience. 

While thumbnails and captions must work efficiently to bring your audience to your content, the intro video lays down the final hook and slurps them in. 

  1. It triggers an emotional response.

An intro video capitalizes on the human need for repeated conformity. 

A sense of belonging ropes your audience in an unmatched fashion. It creates a parasocial relationship of credibility between a user and a brand. When it comes to virality, videos have a longer shelf life than written content. 

Having an emotional and impactful intro video increases the chances of engagement. It becomes an extension of your brand for the years to come.

5 Pro Tips to Make an Impactful Intro Video

Follow these simple tips to create an excellent intro video.

  1. Don’t skimp on the quality. 

When making an intro video, think of its longevity and proceed accordingly. Use professional intro makers that have outstanding templates for all kinds of intro videos, and pay proper attention to its production and execution.

  1. Reflect your brand. 

In an effort to stand out, do not chuck the primary essence of your marketing campaign. Attempt to strike a sweet balance between conveying your brand voice and creating an impactful enough clip that hooks the audience. 

  1. Keep it interesting. 

From close-ups to director cuts, there are many tropes to rally behind when it comes to intro videos. Try avoiding the most common ones. The last thing you want is to have identical intro videos that a hundred other brands are lining up to claim.

  1. Add visual aids.

A significant amount of Internet users surf their phones silently. Choosing a sick beat for your intro video is surely recommended, but do not rely on it. Instead, add relevant text to your intro video, so every individual who swipes the video can comprehend it.

  1. Mention a call-to-action

Click here! 


Ring the bell! 

A call-to-action initiates a relationship with your audience. It is one of the proven ways to hook your audience and profess their commitment to your content.

Intro videos are an excellent tool for marketing your video content. They invoke feelings of curiosity and trust in the user. You need an intro video that generates leads and builds a relationship with your audience. 

Want to try it for yourself? 

Go ahead and make an intro video that inspires, connects, and captivates the users enough to make them stick with your content. 

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