Best American Prop Trading Firms

In the competitive world of trading, proprietary (prop) trading firms in America have emerged as a key players for traders looking to maximize their potential. These firms provide capital to traders, enabling them to leverage larger positions than they could with their own funds.

This article focuses on some of the best American prop trading firms, exploring their unique offerings, benefits, and opportunities they provide to both novice and experienced traders.

Prop trading firms are particularly appealing to those who possess the skill but lack the capital to profit significantly from trading. These firms not only provide the necessary capital but often come with added benefits like educational materials, trading communities, and relaxed trading rules.

Here, we’ll dive into the specifics of each selected firm, highlighting their strengths and what makes them stand out in the bustling financial markets of the US.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, understanding the landscape of American prop trading firms can be crucial in shaping your trading career. Let’s explore what each of these firms has to offer.

Quick Breakdown

  • Take Profit Trader: Best overall, especially for futures traders looking for a straightforward path to funding.
  • TopStep Trader: Ideal for those focusing on forex and futures with structured evaluation.
  • Elite Trader Funding: Suitable for traders seeking relaxed rules and diverse asset options.
  • SurgeTrader: Great for traders preferring simple rules and a one-stage audition.

Take Profit Trader



Take Profit Trader Logo
  • Specialized in futures trading.
  • Streamlined funding path.
  • Realistic profit targets.
  • High-quality customer support.
  • Regular trading competitions.


Take Profit Trader is a renowned prop trading firm that specializes in futures trading. Known for its straightforward and user-friendly approach, the firm eliminates complicated processes, making the trading journey efficient for traders.

The firm focuses on empowering traders with quality education and practical trading experience. Take Profit Trader’s approach is centered on simple rules, aiding in developing effective strategies.


Founded with the aim of simplifying the path to becoming a funded trader, Take Profit Trader focuses on providing an environment conducive to honing trading skills and achieving consistent profitability. Its blend of practical trading opportunities and comprehensive educational resources sets it apart in the prop trading industry.

We have a full review of Take Profit Trader for those of you looking to learn everything there is to know about the platform.

TopStep Trader



  • Structured evaluation program.
  • Focus on forex and futures.
  • No personal capital risk.
  • Educational resources.
  • Professional trading community.


TopStep Trader offers a unique platform for those specializing in forex and futures. It’s recognized for its structured evaluation program, the “Trading Combine,” which tests traders’ skills in a simulated environment. TopStep emphasizes risk management and consistent profitability, preparing traders for real-market conditions.


Based in the United States, TopStep Trader has grown into a globally recognized prop trading firm. Its mission to find talented traders and equip them with the necessary tools to succeed is evident in its comprehensive educational resources and supportive trading community.

For more information on TopStep Trader, check out our detailed review that covers the platform and all of its offerings.

Elite Trader Funding



Elite Trader Funding
  • Relaxed trading rules.
  • Diverse tradable assets.
  • Competitive profit splits.
  • No minimum trading days.
  • One-time fee structure.


Elite Trader Funding is notable for its relaxed trading rules and a wide array of tradable assets, catering to traders who value flexibility in their trading strategies. The firm offers no minimum trading days requirement, allowing traders to trade at their own pace.


Known for its trader-centric approach, Elite Trader Funding creates an environment where traders can thrive without the pressure of stringent rules or excessive fees. The firm focuses on enabling traders to leverage their skills for financial success in the trading world.

If you’re seeking more info on Elite Trader Funding and its platform, we have a comprehensive review that dives in and explores Elite Trader Funding’s pros and cons.




  • Simple trading rules.
  • Multiple asset classes.
  • One-stage audition process.
  • Paper account option.
  • Support for various trading strategies.


SurgeTrader, distinguished by its permissive trading policies and vast instrument coverage, is fast becoming a preferred platform for traders prioritizing freedom. It offers a staggering up to 90% profit split and no mandated trading days.


SurgeTrader, founded in 2021, has quickly made a significant impact in the prop trading platform market with its user-friendly system, low fees, and advanced features.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into SurgeTrader and its offerings, we have a dedicated review of the platform that provides tons of insight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are prop trading firms?

Prop trading firms provide capital to traders to invest in various financial markets. In return, they share in the profits generated.

How do prop trading firms benefit traders?

These firms benefit traders by providing more capital than they might have access to personally, allowing them to leverage larger positions.

What should traders look for in a prop trading firm?

Traders should look for firms with favorable profit splits, supportive educational resources, and trading rules that align with their trading style.

What risks are involved in prop trading?

Prop trading involves financial risk, as losses can affect the capital provided by the firm. Traders need to adhere to risk management strategies to mitigate potential losses and comply with the firm’s trading rules.

Can beginners join prop trading firms?

Yes, many prop trading firms welcome beginners. Some firms offer educational programs and simulated trading environments to help new traders develop their skills before trading with real capital.

How do profit splits work in prop trading?

Profit splits in prop trading are agreements where the trader shares a percentage of their earnings with the firm. The split ratio varies by firm, with some offering up to 90% of profits to the trader.

What types of assets can be traded with prop firms?

Prop firms often allow trading in various assets, including forex pairs, stocks, commodities, and sometimes cryptocurrencies, depending on the firm’s focus and platform capabilities.

Are there time limits or evaluation periods in prop trading?

Many prop firms have evaluation periods where traders must meet specific profit targets and adhere to risk management rules within a set time frame. However, policies vary, with some firms offering more flexible time limits.

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