best paying jobs in Louisiana

best paying jobs in Louisiana

The cost of living in Louisiana is lower than the national average. This doesn’t mean that a high salary doesn’t come with advantages. By securing one of the best-paying jobs in Louisiana. It’s easier to reach financial goals, such as buying a home or saving for a child’s college. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that come with excellent wages. Here is a look at some of the best-paying jobs in Louisiana, according to Zippia.

Family Practitioner – $163,062

Family practitioners are doctors that provide direct care to people of all ages. Many work in clinics. They treat a wide array of conditions, injuries, and ailments. They’re also a source of referrals when specialized care is required.

Since family practitioners are medical doctors, a significant amount of schooling is required. Additionally, you have to be licensed in the state to work in the role.

Industrial Truck Driver – $155,716

As an industrial truck driver, you operate industrial vehicles to move products or materials through warehouse facilities, construction sites, factories, storage yards, and similar locations. Along with trucks, professionals in these roles may also operate other kinds of heavy equipment, such as forklifts.

In many cases, trade school or similar levels of formal training are a requirement. For instance, drivers often need a CDL-A and may need certification on other heavy equipment to qualify for the job.

Owner-Operator – $149,096

Owner-operators are truck drivers that own their own cabs. Typically, they work as independent contractors or micro-businesses. Thus, giving them control over the companies they work for, the routes they drive, and more.

Along with a CDL-A, owner-operators need the ability to purchase a cab. Often, this is a substantial investment, one that may only be possible after working for a company for a period.

Engineering and Operations Director – $139,071

As an engineering and operations director, your main role is to oversee and support engineering projects and operations. Usually, ensuring compliance with various regulations is an essential part of the job. They may also be tasked with  supervising a team of professionals.

Usually, direct experience in the engineering field is a requirement to land this position. Additionally, you’ll need suitable education. This generally means having a bachelor’s or master’s.

Emergency Medicine Specialist – $138,191

Emergency medicine specialists are medical doctors that focus on urgent issues, allowing them to make fast decisions to prevent disability or death from acute illnesses, injuries, or evolutions of existing conditions. Additionally, they often direct the efforts of supporting professionals, such as emergency medical technicians.

As with family practitioners, emergency medicine specialists are medical doctors. As a result, a significant amount of school and appropriate licenses are a requirement.


Have you tried any of the best paying jobs in Louisiana above and want to tell others about your experience? Are there other high-paying positions that Louisiana natives should know about? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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