Broker Buddha Reaches 10,000 Smart Forms

Innovative SaaS Platform Automates the Commercial Insurance Application Process

Broker Buddha, the leading provider of customer engagement tools for independent insurance agencies, announced today the company has converted more than 10,000 carrier insurance applications into online smart forms including applications from top carriers like Hanover and Cincinnati Insurance. The company’s technology platform is simplifying the outdated insurance application and renewal process for insurance agents and their clients. Many of the top agencies in the U.S. have adopted the Broker Buddha platform including Holmes Murphy, Relation, Connor Strong and Buckelew, and EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants and the company saw platform usage double in 2021.

Broker Buddha delivers a customer-friendly online application and renewal process that uses automation to improve efficiency and increase agency profits. Digital Smart Forms deliver pre-filled applications and offer a seamless, simplified journey for insurance agents and their clients. With 10,000 carrier applications in the Smart Form Library, the technology provider is leading the charge to innovate the commercial insurance placement journey. Broker Buddha reduces the amount of time spent on applications and renewals, helping agents receive submissions in 3.5 days, rather than weeks or months.

“We are proud that Broker Buddha is helping the biggest insurance agencies in the country better serve their largest clients, providing a streamlined application and renewals experience and reducing the time and paperwork it takes to bind coverage,” said Jason Keck, CEO, Broker Buddha. “Broker Buddha is poised to change an industry where the customer experience has suffered because of the historically slow pace of technology adoption. Customers and agents expect more, however, and our user-friendly platform is helping independent agents and firms of all sizes better serve their clients.”

Agencies that support large businesses must capture essential information about the business via carrier forms during the application process. To apply for multiple coverages from multiple carriers, agencies use multiple forms to collect similar information. Automating this process helps agencies improve timeliness and reduce errors, while removing friction caused by using PDFs to capture data and signatures. By improving workflows and automating processes, Broker Buddha’s subscription-based service helps simplify the process from start to finish for agencies and their clients.

Source: Broker Buddha

For those interested in learning more about Broker Buddha, please refer to Agency Checklists’ 2018 interview with Mr. Keck entitled “Broker Buddha: Enlightening Agents on Processing Commercial Insurance Applications.”

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