Business Opportunities: Own your healthcare & assisted living franchise with Interim HealthCare.

A Historic Demand for Senior Care Meets the Ultimate Franchise Solution with Interim HealthCare.

As the population ages rapidly and the cost of assisted living facilities continues to increase, now is a great time to invest in the future by launching your own senior health care franchise with Interim HealthCare.

Interim HealthCare is the nation’s oldest health care franchise company, with a network of more than 300 independently owned and operated franchises across the United States. We are looking for entrepreneurs who are interested in launching and operating their own businesses providing in-home senior care.

For more than 50 years, Interim HealthCare has been the nation’s leading provider of home health care services. We have an unmatched track record of success and growth and are now seeking new franchisees in a variety of markets throughout the United States and Canada.

Countless Professionals Launching the Hospital-Grade Franchise System via Staffing, Hospice, and Home Care Franchising.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about providing quality care to those in need with a commitment to excellence and integrity. Our franchisees come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from healthcare executives to business owners and entrepreneurs. They share common traits including:

A desire to own their own business

If you have ever envisioned owning your own business, the perfect opportunity has arrived. The Interim HealthCare franchise owners that experience the most success are often the ones that take great interest in the idea of owning their success via proprietorship of their own business.

A commitment to helping others

The best business owners, hospice, healthcare, assisted living, and senior care franchisees are those that want to give back to their communities. If you are doubly interested in bettering the lives of those in need while taking advantage of this historic market demand, Interim HealthCare Franchising provides an attractive and lucrative business opportunity for professionals like you.

The ability to follow a proven, successful system

Interim HealthCare did not become the #1 Ranked, Longest-Running Senior-Care Franchise Business System by accident. With the power of a positive reputation, a household name, and an executive team with unparalleled experience, you can feel confident knowing your success comes with a strong precedent. With an ability to follow guides, understand key directives, and execute on plans, you can maximize the likelihood of long term growth.

The financial ability to invest in a franchise opportunity

By recruiting sound business professionals, experienced healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries, we have found that financial savvy and experience in prospective franchise owners helps maximize the odds of success. If you are inspired and interested in your own financial growth and professional success, you are well-prepared for the integral steps and actions that come with Interim HealthCare franchise ownership.

Population Growth, Massive Demand, and Prospective Business-Ownership Combine for an Excellent Opportunity.

As the population ages and people live longer, more and more people are looking for ways to help their loved ones stay in their homes as long as possible. This is great news for healthcare professionals, who are needed now more than ever.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a healthcare professional to start a career in the healthcare industry and take advantage of this historic demand. To find said success, all you need is Interim Healthcare, the number one senior care franchise in the country. 

The best part of owning an Interim Healthcare is that it’s a recession-proof business model that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you reach their goals.

A Household Name Combined with World-Class Support Make Interim HealthCare a Unique and Powerful Option for Business-Owners.

With Interim Healthcare, you get everything you need to get your business off the ground and running: from training and support from our award-winning team to brand recognition with an established name that comes with over 50 years’ experience in franchising and senior care.

You don’t have to be an expert in senior care or healthcare to open your own business—just contact us today for more information about how we can help you start your own senior care franchise!

Our Franchisees receive:

   – A recession-proof business model

People are always aging and families always need the help that Interim HealthCare can provide. Free from the confines that other businesses experience, you can always focus on growth and expansion when you operate your own Interim Franchise.

   – An established national brand

57 Years in Business and consistent recognition as the #1 Senior Care Franchise Brand have granted prospective Interim HealthCare franchise owners that unique opportunity to own a Nationally-Recognized brand from day 1.

   – Extensive training and support

With the best support system in the industry, Interim Franchise owners experience dedicated support and world-class training directly from corporate headquarters. You are never alone when you own an Interim Franchise, as corporate trainers and guides are always at your service to facilitate growth.

   – Competitive territory rights

As the Interim HealthCare franchise operator in your area, you can rest assured that you have complete autonomy in your area. As the national authority from a company-wide perspective, we promise you will be the authority from a local perspective as you grow your business and serve your community.

– The advantage of being #1

As a top senior care franchise, Interim Healthcare takes pride in providing high quality services to seniors across the country. If you are an entrepreneur or just an individual who is looking to start a business, owning your own assisted living home business is the best choice. We can be your healthcare partner, showing you how to do things right and take advantage of the market. Contact us today!

Senior Care, Assisted-Living, Hospice, and Hospital – centric Franchise: The Best All-Around System from Interim HealthCare.

Interim Healthcare has been ranked the #1 Senior Home Healthcare Franchise for 5 years in a row, and with a team of dedicated professionals, a corporate team with unparalleled experience, and the power of 57 years in the industry, new franchise owners can rest assured that their investment is a sound one. 

The senior care industry is growing as the population ages. With families looking to keep loved ones in their homes, now is your chance to open the #1 senior care franchise in the country.

Both the oldest and the best franchise system, interim healthcare can help you grow your horizons while giving back to those who need you in the community. Providing hospice care, staffing, specialized care, and senior assistance, Interim HealthCare is recession proof and a proven way for you to succeed.

Owning an interim healthcare franchise provides you with all the tools needed to succeed: personalized assistance from friendly representatives, special training for both nurses and support staff, and a community of fellow franchise owners. You won’t just be getting into a business that provides profit opportunities – you’ll be joining a family that cares about improving lives.


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