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Shipping containers and containerization aren’t some things that most people, even supply chain managers, think about that much. That’s not surprising, as these containers are so ubiquitous it’s easy to dismiss regardless the fact that they have actually revolutionized world trade.

Shipping containers

Since containerization was introduced, it’s turn out to be a critical phase of supply chain infrastructure, and it’s well worth digging into the statistics in the back of containerization a little more.

Here are the answers to the questions you may have about containers, containerization, and how they facilitate the movement of merchandise from A to B in the ways that are as environment friendly as possible.

What are The advantages of The Use of Transport Containers?

Shipping containers offers many advantages to provide Supply Chain Management (SCM), logistics companies, distributors, manufacturers, shops and any different employer concerned in the international supply chain.

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These advantages include:

  • Containers are loaded and unloaded using mechanical equipment, cranes and automatic systems. This is a lot faster and more eco-friendly way than managing irregularly-shaped shipments or cargo.
  • Containers are shipped over great distances by means of trucks or ships with minimal time spent transferring between ports.
  • Containers are transferred without being opened. This extensively reduces the threat of tampering or theft.
  • The rigid built of the containers protects the items inside from harm and harmful environmental factors.
  • Containers are tracked using special codes, Internet of Things gadgets and computerized systems, so supply chain managers can identify the items in any phases of the supply chain easily.

Refurbished Storage Containers

When buying a refurbished storage container, consider these things:

The Ugly Duckling

You can take a container that is really horrible looking and make it representable with an inexpensive spray gun and a couple of gallons of paint. You can spray over rusty spots in such a way that you can disguise flaking rust, blemishes, and rust.

In general, a container refurbished in this way appears to be more expensive than those that hasn’t been refurbished. A simple paint job does wonders for the appearance of a run-down container.

Was The Container Prepped Properly?

The most time consuming phase of refurbishing a transport container is the prep work. All of the rusts must be eliminated with a wire brush on a drill or a grinding wheel on a grinder.

Was The Container Spot Primed?

Companies that have decided to prep a container get started by spraying it with a paint that has a zinc primer constructed in. Although this is sufficient in most of the cases, I think it’s better to take it one step further. I suggest for companies to spot priming any rust spots with a “rust converter” which turns any floor rust into a substance which is geared up to be painted. It’s comparable to POR 15 which is used in the restoration of cars that have rust.


Make sure that the container is painted with exterior paint. Whether it’s brushed, rolled, or sprayed on – you have to make sure that the whole length of the container is well-covered. Spots that get neglected are commonly below the flat spot where the facet wall meets the beam down at the backside of the container.

Keep in mind that containers that are paint sprayed will commonly have a better look than those that are brushed or rolled.

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