Can Furthering Your Education Increase Your Paycheck?

Education is useful for many things. It can help you learn about different topics and perspectives, help you hone in on your skills, or become more familiar with your interest. It is also key to certain career paths. Not everybody wants to go to college, and that’s OK, but at what point can furthering your education increase your paycheck?

How Is Education Helpful?

When you are educated on a topic, you are skilled, knowledgeable, and able to bring a skill set to a particular kind of job or work experience. There are many jobs out there you need no educational background for and jobs where the employer will train you. However, there are many others that you need education for to excel. In fact, in many of those positions, higher levels of education increase the amount of compensation you will receive. This works in tandem with years of experience but plays a major role in entry-level roles.

Does Education Mean College?

When it comes to education, I do not only mean only college. While certain jobs require higher levels of education and experience, that’s not all jobs. It’s also not the only way to advance. There are plenty of jobs out there that accept certifications as educational experience. This is especially true in fields like tech, healthcare, or trades. In terms of other professional jobs, they’re always continuing learning education programs or professionally related certification programs you can enter. For example, I work with special needs adults as a direct support staff member. In my field, there are several certifications that you could get to segue into a different career path and a higher-paying job. One of those certifications is RBT or registered behavioral technician. Getting a certification in this program will allow me to double my salary in as little as 90 days.

Where Can You Get Educated? 

You can hone your skills and get more education in your profession in several different ways. Number one, you can go back to college. Getting a specialist degree or opting for a Master’s or Doctoral degree can be beneficial in doubling your salary. For jobs that don’t require formal education, you can use sites like Coursera, Google, Udemy, and other professional programs to level up. For professional certifications, you can look up professional organizations related to your respective career field. See what types of certification programs are available to you. Based on your interest and available job prospects, pick one that truly aligns with your career goals.

Education comes in many forms. While not everyone chooses a formal one, there are other ways that you can further your education and increase your paycheck.

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