Creating Your Own Virtual Event Table Design

Online events have become increasingly popular within the last decade, especially within several industries or niches such as education, social media marketing, entrepreneurial business ventures, social networking gatherings, etc.

What Are Virtual Events?

They are conferences that are held over the internet via webinars or live chats. These can take place on a computer screen, or even your television screen with an HDMI cord plugged into your laptop.

Virtual event attendees interact through face-to-face video chat interactions to bring together people from across state borders or even across country borders.

Plus, they provide so many more benefits than traditional brick-and-mortar meetings because they’re cheaper (no travel expenses) and hybrids (more like in-person conferences because you can interact with people through text messaging, video chat, and audio chat).

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Why You Should Care About Event Tables

When it comes to virtual events, though, sometimes there is not much of a need for physical event planning (e.g., handling invitations or RSVPs). The focus is on what you will experience when you attend the online conference, not necessarily what happens before the live event.

And yet still, even virtual event planning requires some pre production work to prepare all of the multimedia equipment you’ll use during your event.

So while the main focus is on things like content presentation and speaker relations, people tend to forget that although they are not physically present at a virtual event, they are still likely to be looking at the presentation from a computer screen.

So how can an online presenter ensure that their virtual event attendees have a pleasant experience during the live conference? Well, here is where things get interesting. One of the most important factors in ensuring an optimal virtual event experience for your audience members is determining what kinds of backgrounds will work best on their screens.

And there’s more to it than just choosing either a solid or patterned colour backdrop. Another element to consider when choosing a background for your presentations is whether you’ll use a tablecloth with your tables since not all tablecloths are created equal.

What Are Virtual Event Tables?

Virtual event tables are clear conference tables that you put into your online events to attract more engagement and interaction from attendees who enjoy face-to-face interactions but can’t attend physical events.

Also, virtual event tables give participants an alternative way to interact without worrying about how they look because there is no visual judgement during online events!

Why Should You Care About Event Tables?

Virtual event and conference rooms could be viewed as a replacement for traditional brick and mortar facilities. Therefore, it’s essential for people who work in special events and corporations which focus on VTCs (or any live streaming services) to know how to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment.

In the past, event planners have been known to complain about how they can’t do anything with their online conference rooms without having a personal touch. But now, you’ve got a way to make your virtual events more interactive and engaging by using virtual event tablecloths!

Who Makes Use of Virtual Event Tables?

People who work in special events, corporations that focus on VTCs, or people involved in sales, would be technicians or those responsible for setting up such equipment as telephones and webcams. Those who work in live streaming services could also understand what designs can be used with virtual event tables!

Types of Virtual Event Tables

You should be aware of three main types of virtual event tables:

Banquet-style tables: These kinds of tables are ideal for people who want to avoid the hassle of having to set up or break down their conference room before their virtual events.

And if your event is running on a tight schedule, so you know that attendees won’t have time to dilly dally, then these kinds of virtual event tablecloths will work well for them!

Folding tables: They come in both rectangle and round shapes. They’re prefabricated with plastic laminate materials like particleboard (so that they can last longer) and include black or chrome hardware. These kinds of laptop riser tables fold down and make it easy to store them during events or before they’re used.

Conference room tablecloths: They come in various colours and shapes (like rectangular and circular) and can be found at any home improvement centre like Lowe’s.

These types of virtual event tables work best for people who have multiple events scheduled throughout the year because they’re less expensive than other kinds–and you’ll only need about an hour to set them up!

Choosing the Right Table Shape for Your Events

Now that you have some idea about what types of virtual event tables are available on the market today let’s talk about choosing the right shape out of all these choices!

First things first, if you have a lot of people join your virtual events and need to make sure they all have enough room to move around, then one of the banquet-style tables might be right for you because it has a rectangular shape that is perfect for maximising space.

If you’re working with a group of people who enjoy face-to-face interaction but can’t attend physical events, then going with a folding or conference room table might work best for them!

These virtual event table designs are so popular because they can be put together quickly and allow participants to walk up as close as they’d like during their chats. This helps foster more conversations without being too intrusive.

In addition, if your goal is to turn your presentation into an online event that’s high quality and professional, then you should consider using the conference room table because it will create a beautiful backdrop for all of your camera equipment and look more aesthetically pleasing than other kinds of virtual tables.

Choosing the Right Tablecloth for Your Events

When choosing to use one of these virtual event table designs, many people focus on which shape is best without considering what tablecloth would also work well with their online events! However, you should know that picking out the perfect colour or print can transform how your live stream/conference appears to others who are attending.

Colours: First things first, let’s talk about colours. If you’re looking for something neutral that will make your event appear professional, then you might want to go with either black (the colour of the table) or white (because it’s easier to see when placed against a bright background).

However, if you’re looking for something that will help grab people’s attention and give them an immediate idea of what kind of online event is about to happen, then you can’t beat using pink (which is associated with love and caring) or blue (a colour which inspires strength in others).

Prints: Now, let’s talk about prints. If you are hosting an event where multiple participants will take part at their virtual tables, then having something beautiful but straightforward would work best, such as a watercolour print!

This will allow people to focus more on themselves and what they’re sharing with their virtual event guests instead of the backdrop itself.

Another option is to choose a print made of geometric shapes or flowers, which will work well if you want your event table to be bright and colourful!

Because it depends on why you’re hosting an online meeting in the first place, these kinds of prints can help people feel connected to one another and help them relax. This usually leads to better overall conversations around the virtual event tables.

How to Choose the Best Type of Tablecloth for Your Events

Like choosing any physical tablecloth, you must test out different fabrics before making your final decision because it will affect how others see the material.

For instance, if you’re hosting a conference about sharing information with others, it would be best to go with something durable such as cloth instead of flimsy paper so people can feel more confident when using their pens and highlighters on the table.

On top of this, if you want your virtual event to be bright and colourful, so individuals have an easier time focusing on what they need to chat about during your online meeting, then choosing something vibrant like holographic vinyl or printable fabric is going to get the job done!

However, remember that these are used for lighter-colored tables only because darker colours don’t always show well with this material.

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