DCASA Conference Enjoyed By All

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DCASA Conference Highlights

“It was like old times”

“It was great to see all the people we don’t see often enough”

“It was the highlight of the year”

These were just some of the comments made about the 2022 annual Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa Conference held in Gauteng this month.

After the interruption of the Covid-19 pandemic during 2020 and 2021, Debt Counsellors were happy to have the chance to get together in Gauteng this month and spend a whole day discussing and refining their debt counselling skills. Boring to some sure…but exciting to those who work in the industry.

Well Supported

Over 190 people, including some event sponsors and exhibitors, gathered at the venue to hear speeches, get industry updates and network. A variety of speakers covered many topics (see below) and both ABSA and FNB were on hand to engage with those attending.

The venue was large and felt very light and seemed to be a bit of an upgrade from the large but somewhat stuffy conference room vibe of past years. Exhibitors displayed their wares and offerings along the walls while guests were seated in the middle of the very large room.

Speakers were able to address the crowd from a stage at the front of the venue (where you may have noted some Debtfree Magazine branding).

Reinhard Pettenberger, DCASA President welcomed all to the event (and made a big slash later in the day at the Dunk Tank..yup..a dunk tank);

Mr Prenesen Moodley of the NCT discussed the role of the NCT over the past decade.

There was a speech by Mr Neil van Heerden of Wesbank with many interesting fact and figures which looked at where things were, are and will likely be.

Mr Tiaan Hatting represented PDASA in a discussion of the role of the various PDAs and what is happening in their space. Be sure to catch a version of this speech here on the site later this month.

Helping Debt Counsellors (and staff) was Ms Jeanne van der Merwe who was followed by Attorney Levesh Govender who looked at the ever contentious topic of consumers wanting to leave debt review (from a legal perspective).

Mr Huntley Smith discussed various software and technologies that can improve debt counselling practices (more those who are not currently using PDA and related software to its full).

Former NCR legal specialist Mr Timmy van der Grijp spoke about how he now sees the industry and where it can go before Reinhard returned to the podium with some industry updates and information about DCASA’s efforts to improve the lives of all Debt Counsellors.

Engaging with Sponsors and Exhibitors

Exhibitors through the venue had a nice selection of goodies for those attending to swoop down on like vultures and enjoy. It was also an excuse for those attending to go visit and chat with the various service providers, both banks and 3 of the PDAs who were there. Throughout the day, including during lunchtime, Debt Counsellors were able to duck off and chat with the exhibitors.

There were some giveaways in the afternoon and some guests received fancy Bluetooth speakers and week and weekend getaways. Very nice.

Then as the day wrapped up, it was time for guests to head on home or pay a few bucks to try and dunk both the DCASA President and the DCASA Western Cape NEC member. Money well spent said most participants. (Wait till you see  the pics!)

The event was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Want More?

For a more detailed breakdown of the event and more pics be sure to check out the article in this month’s Debtfree Magazine.




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