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Debtfree Magazine Issue 9 of 2022: Our Editor’s Note


Everyone loves recognition for all their hard work. It’s nice when somebody says “well done”. Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving an award?  Recently, the world got to enjoy the 74th Emmy Awards when actors and directors like Lee Jung-jae (the Squid Games guy) and Michael Keaton (batman who recently played a drugged up small town doctor) received awards for their roles in popular TV shows.

It’s great to find out who gets an award, and see if you agree that the industry chose the right winner (or moan when they choose the wrong one).

While those ceremonies are going on, a different nation morns the loss of their Queen, other nations are blowing each other up in the Ukraine, and people are trying to keep their heads above water in Pakistan. The world is weird like that. But disasters and tragedy should not prevent us from recognising a job well done and effort well spent.  So, in the midst of a challenging world still reeling from a Pandemic and energy crisis, we will be having the 9th Annual Debt Review Awards at the end of this month.

Debt Counsellors and credit provider staff members who work hard at the various debt review departments, also deserve a little recognition. As do those who are making the effort to pay off their debts each month. In this issue, we will get a better idea of when, where and how you can watch the Debt Review Awards and what to expect. We really do hope that you are able to join online.

‘But disasters and tragedy should not prevent us from recognising a job well done and effort well spent’

We also discuss some facts about credit and debt review that you may not have known before. We take a little while to get to know key industry role players better, and pick up a few tips for success along the way.

If you are a consumer pushing through the challenges of just making ends meet these days while trying to keep your head above water, and pay off your debts through debt review then, you are the star of your own movie. You are the lead character, we are all rooting for you, we hope that you win and we salute you for all your hard work in sticking with the process. Sure, famous actors and smart TV shows are pretty cool and all that but, you are the real winners.

You deserve an award, in reality of course, you are going to be rewarded if you stick with the process. Not long now and you will be debt free.








This article first appeared in Debtfree Magazine issue 9 of 2022





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