Differences Between Dripify and Octopus CRM LinkedIn Automation Tools

When you start using any automation strategies for your LinkedIn account, the most important decision is to choose the right tool between Octopus CRM and Dripify. Although both offer an amazing set of features, they are somehow different from each other.

LinkedIn automation: Dripify vs. Octopus


Octopus CRM is one of the all-in-one LinkedIn automation platforms designed for business owners, marketers, and recruiters. Whereas, Dripify is specially curated for salespersons, which has improved prospecting quality and can close much more deals by running a suitable campaign. So now comes the major question, which tool is appropriate for your business?

Don’t worry. This guide will clear all the doubts that will help you decide on the appropriate tool. In the following guide, we have concluded our thoughts on Dripify vs. Octopus CRM. You can also find some of the pros and cons of both automation tools. So read wisely before making any decision for your business.


Dripify screenshot

image credit: Dripify.io

Dripify is the advanced cloud-based LinkedIn lead generation tool which helps create LinkedIn prospecting campaigns and produce more business on autopilot. It’s considered as the best Octopus CRM alternative in LinkedIn marketing.

It helps keep track of onboard team members while doing LinkedIn prospecting simultaneously. It is one of the excellent inbox functions which allows you to respond to prospective clients efficiently and fast. Setting up the sales funnel helps improve LinkedIn prospecting and close deals faster than usual. And as it has a cloud-based LinkedIn automation program, it rapidly increases prospecting and the efficiency of lead creation on the social media platform.

Dripify lets you access advanced analytics using crucial metrics, team stats, and conversion rates. This tool is a reliable solution for all your shortcomings and is considered a game changer for small-type businesses. So, those trying to develop a dependable supply of leads for their company with LinkedIn should use tools like Dripify.

Dripify Pros and Cons


Feasible interface

Dripify is a messaging app that allows the user to communicate with his lead prospects without using a plethora. It automatically detects unnecessary messages and prevents them from reaching your LinkedIn account inbox.

Track the efficiency of the campaign

Dripify helps monitor the performance of the campaigns running through your LinkedIn account. It monitors response rate, invitation acceptance, and other key metrics. And compare the previous data to record any growth made during the campaign.

Track performance of the team

It analyses the campaigns that the members of the team have built. And closely study the critical statistics and conversation rate while going through the complete information available on the analytics page. With a tool like Dripify, you can track your team’s – LinkedIn accomplishments and keep a record of their profile details.

Dripify uses A/B testing

Dripify autopilot for LinkedIn conducts several tests to enhance the experience on the LinkedIn platform. These tests include the testing of – groups. Various promos and like request alerts. This message module – Dripify, is to its full capacity and figure out the best fit for your LinkedIn account.

Secure cloud protection

By making the LinkedIn platform fully secure, Dripify allows user to automate their LinkedIn cloud activities.


Application is not available

The most basic yet biggest flow in the Dripify tool is – it does not have an application for mobile users. As today we have everything at our fingertips, having this flaw can rapidly decrease usage.

Lack of sequence

As compared to Octopus CRM, Dripify lacks the sequence. Also, there are no proper templates available to send the mail. And even after sending the email, analytics take forever to operate again.

Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM screenshot

image credit: OctopusCRM.io

As its name suggests – CRM, Octopus is not a CRM! It’s more of a LinkedIn lead finder tool that can be automated and run by itself. After this tool finds suitable leads, you will be able to export those documents to the CRM portal.

Simply put, it’s one of the leading outreach automation tools that help import profiles, automate messages, and even send requests in bulk. This tool has proved a game-changer for small businesses. How? As you can almost automate any task with this tool, users can easily access the dashboard and command center of LinkedIn without any hustle.

If you are amongst those who work as a freelancer or have a small business, these tools will help you boost your lead generation game. And as Dripify has improved performance, Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool has great performance metrics. It’s one of the best collaboration tools which can be shared with everyone in the office. Additionally, it has a unique campaign management ability that allows you to edit or customize each project according to the requirement.

Octopus CRM Pros and Cons


Automate your LinkedIn tasks

Octopus CRM is one tool that helps automate your LinkedIn tasks. Along with that, you can also automate the process of composing and delivering your messages.

Advanced search filters

It has advanced search filters that help search for ideal clients using specific terms such as – company or skill.

Efficient working

It also helps create a sequence of messages that help keep you in touch with your target audience and connections. It also sends a thank you message whenever you receive any potential client or lead. While composing that specific message, this tool highlights some of the client’s skills and try best to convert them into a client.

Active customer support

The Octopus CRM offers a great support system, available around the clock on all seven days to help you with issues or problems while using LinkedIn.

Increase overall reach

You must link Octopus CRM with your LinkedIn account if you want better reach. It’s a one-stop solution to grow your presence on any LinkedIn platform. Plus, you can use it to increase lead generation, build connections, and improve relationships with existing clients.

Easy integration

Octopus CRM is so efficient that it allows you to integrate with a LinkedIn sales navigator and help you find new companies around the preferable region.


Unable to filter data

The Octopus CRM does not support any feature that could help filter the data that has already been uploaded to the tool.

Highly complex

The Octopus CRM has a complex system compared to other LinkedIn automation tools. Too many technicalities require a bit of knowledge before using it.

Incomplete training guide

All the available training videos seem incomplete or lack a few steps to use the Octopus CRM. And if you still manage to search for a guide, it will not be up to the mark and will not solve any doubts of the user. This can create a major problem if you’re a beginner or just have started learning the software. Along with that, there is a flaw in the overall low of the automation, which is also not user-friendly.

Why Choose Dripify LinkedIn automation?

Apart from its two disadvantages, we cannot ignore the potential it has for you. Dripify LinkedIn automation is amongst the most innovative LinkedIn bot, which helps generate leads for the business. It allows you to design LinkedIn prospecting programs with the help of the most relevant automatic LinkedIn scenarios, delays, and acts from a comprehensive list. And the major reason to choose it for your business is – Dripify is designed while keeping LinkedIn users in mind. It’s equipped with features that help grow individuals and businesses who largely promote their brand on social media platforms like – LinkedIn.

With the help of this efficient tool – Dripify, one can rapidly increase the number of leads generated and the number of things sold automatically. This can help small-sized businesses and their marketing department to grow their revenue.

Why Choosing Dripify Over Octopus CRM

As you all know, time is money! Your client would not give you a second chance if you missed one. Therefore, investing you in learning a useful tool is much more important than wasting it on experiments. Don’t worry. It’s not at all difficult. All you need is – to launch an automated personalized drip campaign. Which will not include webinars or videos, only have new or value-added content for all your prospects. These campaigns will be based on visitors’ profiles, activity, and engagement with your content!

However, if you decide to use Dripify, you can do all these activities without harming your LinkedIn account. Dripify LinkedIn automation tool is designed to accelerate lead generation, and sales funnel strategies in a period. By cutting the extra hours you were spending on your content, Dripify will instantly increase the sales graph of your company and close more sales as compared to earlier.


Until now, you must have understood the difference between Octopus CRM and Dripify. Individually, both tools work perfectly, but if you talk about compatibility, it varies according to the type of business you deal in. Therefore, it is important to study these tools and decide which will be a suitable automation tool for you and your business.

So, before investing your time, refer to the Dripify vs. Octopus CRM comparison guide shared above and give an edge to your LinkedIn account today.

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