East Coast Wings + Grill Scores High in Franchisee Satisfaction

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East Coast Wings + Grill Scores High in Franchisee Satisfaction

East Coast Wings + Grill is the full-service family-dining franchise that not only features amazing Buffalo wings and freshly crafted burgers, but also has dedicated and passionate franchisees who regularly give the brand high marks in franchisee satisfaction.

“Our franchisees are the lifeblood of East Coast Wings + Grill,” said Sam Ballas, founder & CEO of East Coast Wings + Grill. “Without our franchisees embracing the concept and performing at high levels, the brand would not exist like it does today.” The brand’s high franchisee satisfaction didn’t happen by accident.

East Coast Wings + Grill has long been committed to its franchisees’ success and profitability. The proof is in the pudding. First, the brand is laser-focused on unit level economics. If the franchisees are not successful, the brand is not successful. Ballas and his team are constantly measuring and evaluating AUV, revenue, labor costs, and net operating income (NOI) numbers in an effort to help franchise operators better understand the money flow and how to maximize revenue on their way to higher profits.

The brand’s strong unit economics means it consistently outperforms its competition in casual dining. Turns out the brand performs well in any economic condition. Many locations recorded some of their highest revenue numbers during the Covid months. The brand’s 2021 average unit gross revenue increased 18.1 percent over 2020, according to Restaurant News. Speaking of unit economics, East Coast Wings + Grill’s smaller footprint offers operators real estate economies combined with continued high AUV’S. There is even a fast-casual model available in some markets.

Franchisees also give high satisfaction marks because of the brand’s strong culture. The experienced leadership team at East Coast Wings + Grill combines for 75-plus years of experience in franchising and a whopping 150-plus years in the restaurant space. It’s a tremendous resource for franchisees who have access to everything from site selection and real estate assistance to training and business analysis. A loyal customer base routinely awards East Coast Wings + Grill “Best Wings Restaurant” in markets all over the country. The brand and its franchisees are also active in and give back to their communities. Add all that up and you have a healthy and thriving culture from stem to stern.

All of this must be working to create happy and satisfied franchisees because Franchise Business Review has recognized East Coast Wings + Grill with a Top Franchise Satisfaction Award for 11 consecutive years. And that’s not all, FBR has also recognized the brand with its Top Recession-proof Franchise Satisfaction Award, and its Top Franchise Culture Award.

“At East Coast Wings + Grill, we are committed to the success of our franchisees,” said Ballas. “Their profitability strengthens our whole system and is a win-win for all of us.”

East Coast Wings + Grill is now looking for franchise operators who are passionate about food, hospitality, customer service, and active community involvement. The proven concept stands above the crowd with its strong unit economics and remarkable franchisee satisfaction.

For more information about East Coast Wings + Grill and its franchise opportunities, visit www.eastcoastwingsfranchise.com or call 336-760-4985.

East Coast Wings + Grill
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