Editor’s Note | You’re So Cool

So, winter arrived and decided it wants to freeze me to death. Brrrrr.

I mean, we are used to it being cold during winter, obviously, but why is the Antarctic trying to get into my house? I wake up and expect penguins in the room. And with Eskom playing the loadshedding game (and politicians playing the blame game) it only adds to the chill.


Winter is cool and all that, and yes in some areas dams are filling up when it rains (if you live in those parts of the country this is a very good thing), but I am just tired of being cold.

‘If you pop past my place you will find me sat in front of a heater’

If you pop past my place you will find me sat in front of a heater basking in the joy of just being not a popsicle. I find it kind of hard to concentrate (or move around, or exercise, or get motivated to get out of bed) at this time of year. Its as if my brain tries to shut down until spring arrives. Well, that’s not going to work.

You might be feeling the same. If so, check out our winter warmer tips that won’t break the bank. You could even say they are ‘hot’ tips…

Talking about banks, we discuss what’s happening in the world of finance and what one bank has recently been saying about debt review. You may not like it.

We also talk about how the temperature is not the only thing going down. Nope, some sneaky businesses and restaurants are shrinking the food and drinks we love so much. This world wide phenomenon is called shrinkflation. If you have never heard of it or if you, like most of us, have not noticed it going on then the article in this issue may just open your eyes to this clever marketing strategy.

‘what happens if you lose your job while in debt review’

We also have a look at what happens if you lose your job while in debt review. Its never a good time to lose your job but for those in debt review it creates an extra layer of complexity. We try look at best case and worse case scenarios. Hopefully you never find out how stressful this can be but it is good to consider what could happen and have a strategy in place.

So, we hope you enjoy the issue. The tips and advice are all aimed at helping you learn more about handling your finances and making a success of the debt review process. We hope that you stay warm and gainfully employed while at work or home and that you are the only cool thing in the room at any given time.

Speaking of what’s cool, wouldn’t it be cool to pay off all your credit providers? It sure would. So, keep up the good work and soon summer will arrive and hopefully you will be a season or two closer to being totally debt free.

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