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When choosing outdoor curtains, nothing plays a more important role than the curtain fabric. If you make mistakes while choosing the fabric for your patio curtains, you will end up purchasing something irrelevant. Therefore, you should always pay close attention while selecting the proper fabric for your patio curtains. 

The patio curtain fabrics need to satisfy some important requirements to prove effective. Different fabrics come with different properties. Therefore, you need to ensure that you’re considering your choice and requirements while choosing the patio curtain fabrics. 

The fabric should be capable of withstanding the weather conditions such as sunlight, UV rays, and rain as well as the harshness of the outdoor elements. The outdoor curtains should also become dry quickly even during the worst rainy seasons. Choosing the right fabric for your patio curtains will be an easy task if you take some important considerations to account. Here are some necessary factors you should consider while choosing fabrics for your patio curtains. 

Water Resistance 

The factor is probably one of the most important things you need to consider while choosing fabrics for your patio curtainsAs your patio curtains will spend most of their time combating the harsh weather and outdoor conditions, you need to ensure that they are waterproof. Even if the curtain becomes wet, they also need to be dried quickly without any problem.

The wet fabrics will become too heavy for the patio curtain rods. Not to mention, due to their increase in weight, you cannot even move them easily. The water from your patio curtains will drip all over you and your guests. If you’re choosing water resistance patio curtains, you need to consider synthetic fabrics with water repellent properties. This way the patio curtains will effectively protect you and your belongings from the rain. 

UV Protection 

The fabrics you choose for your patio curtains should be effective enough at blocking and withstanding the harmful UV rays of the sun. The UV-resistant fabrics will not only help you maintain the design and color of the curtains but also protects you from the UVA and UVB rays. 

As per Skin Cancer, UV rays are the primary cause of severe skin cancer. However, if you’re enjoying your outdoor landscape with an effective curtain between you and the sun, you won’t be able to feel the heat at all. The patio curtains will also reduce the heat from sunlight. 

However, you need to ensure that the fabric is capable of blocking the UV rays from reaching your skin. UV rays can also penetrate the fabrics. Hence, always choose fabrics that provide 100% UV protection. 

Ease of Care 

Even if you purchase high-quality and durable fabrics, they will accumulate a lot of debris, dirt, and dust, especially if your area has lots of trees. Therefore, you need to wash your patio curtains at some point to maintain their appearance, effectiveness, and lifespan. 

Choose fabrics that come with easy cleaning and maintenance processes. Additionally, make sure the fabric is machine washable. Dry-clean only curtains will create additional problems during cleaning. 


These are some factors you need to remember to choose the best fabric for your patio curtain. Patio curtains come with a long lifespan. To use them for years, make sure you take proper care of them. 

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