Fantastic Sams: A 50-Year Legacy

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Via Franchise Dictionary Magazine, June 2024

Fantastic Sams® (FS), the iconic beauty salon franchise, is proud to announce the launch of FS Cut & Color and its upcoming 50th anniversary. FS brings a new era of beauty excellence, providing affordable hair care services and attractive franchise offerings.

“Opening a full-service salon has never been easier or more affordable. Most of the other franchise models in this space focus on cheap men’s haircuts, getting people in and out of the salon as fast as possible,” explained Cliff Harber, franchise sales director.

FS provides a convenient and scalable pathway for potential franchisees to enter the multibillion- dollar hair care industry. The company offers comprehensive training programs that delve into everything a franchise owner needs to manage a successful location, including operations, best practices, marketing programs, a guest services program, product manage- ment and technical training led by experienced educators.

FS also employs best-in-class technology, including point-of- sales technology that manages every detail of the salon’s opera- tions from scheduling to product inventory management.

“Whether you’re a stylist looking to open your first location or an entrepreneur with designs on becoming a salon titan in your market, FS is the salon of choice for you,” said Harber. ”We are committed to attracting guests with unparalleled service and retaining top-tier stylists and staff.”

As part of its commitment to innovation and growth, FS is continuing to strengthen and modernize the brand through investment in talented individu- als and strategic resources. The company recently moved to a new headquarters in Minneapolis to better support its expansion plan.

“We are immensely proud of FS’ 50-year legacy in the hair care industry,” expressed Harber. “Our franchisees have the opportunity to own a recession-proof business in a rapidly expanding market, and we couldn’t be more excited about the future.”

With a renewed focus on strength- ening the brand, Fantastic Sams invites passionate individuals to join its network of success. As FS approaches its 50th anniversary and the relaunch of the new FS Cut & Color branding, the vision is clear: To elevate the salon experience and offer unparalleled support to franchisees.

– Written by Shelby Green, FDM

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