Filatex India Buyback Record Date 2022, Price, Eligibility, How to Apply & Acceptance Ratio

Filatex India buyback 2022 was announced on 29 March 2022. The Filatex India buyback record date is 08 April 2022. The investor should buy the Filatex India shares on or before the record date to get eligibility for the buyback.

Filatex India Limited is a manufacturer of Polyester Filament Yarn. They manufacture a wide variety of yarns – POY, FDY, and DTY in a full range of coarse and fine deniers, in all kinds of shades and varieties like Bright, Semi Dull, Full Dull, Black, and Dope-dyed colors. They have marketing offices in all the major markets viz. Delhi, Mumbai, and Surat. They s have a world-class plant in terms of technology and capacity of 600 Tons Per Day along with 260 Tons Per Day POY was set up at Dahej in 2012.  In 2016, a capacity of 105 Tons Per Day of Semi Dull FDY and 200 Tons Per Day of Drawn Textured Yarn was added. To complete the product basket, a new stream for bright polyester of 300 Tons Per Day capacity was added which caters to 190 Tons of bright FDY, 25 Tons of bright POY, and 85 Tons of bright chips. Check out Filatex India Buyback 2022 details below given:

Filatex India

Filatex India Buyback Record Date 2022 & Time Table

 Buyback Meeting Date:

 29 March 2022

 Buyback Announcement Date:  29 March 2022
 Buyback Record Date:  08 April 2022
 Buyback Open Date:  2022
 Buyback Close Date:


 Finalization of Buyback Acceptance:


Filatex India Buyback 2022 Offer Details

 Offer Amount:  ₹59.50 Crores
 Number of Shares:


 Face Value:

 ₹2 per equity share

 Buyback Price:  ₹140 per equity share
 Listing:  BSE & NSE
 Buyback Type:  Tender Offer

Filatex India buyback of 43,00,000 equity shares that are around -% of all the existing number of equity shares at a price of ₹140 per equity share. The buyback offers not to exceed ₹59.50 crores of the total buyback offer size. Filatex India Buyback Acceptance Ratio will be around (To be updated soon).

Filatex India Buyback Acceptance Ratio (Estimated)

The investor should buy around 1428 shares at a current market price of ₹125 (As of 30 March 2022). The calculation will be Rs.2,00,000 / 11000 buyback price = 1428 shares.

Acceptance Ratio Investment Shares Buyback Profit
33% ₹178,500 471 ₹7,065
50% ₹178,500 714 10,710
75% ₹178,500 1071 16,065
100% ₹178,500 1428 21,420

Filatex India Financial Report

  ₹ in Crores
Revenue Expense PAT
2019 ₹2886 ₹2710 ₹85
2020 ₹2794 ₹2621 ₹121
2021 ₹2237 ₹1939 ₹166

Filatex India Buyback Eligibility & How to Apply

The investors are eligible for the buyback scheme who have Filatex India shares in their Demat account as the record date is fixed on 08 April 2022. Investors can participate in the Filatex India Buyback 2022 scheme as per the opening form by selling their shares. The payment will be given as per the accepted shares by the company under the Filatex India buyback scheme. The investors can participate in buyback via physical form or via your broker or Demat account by placing an order.

Checkout Current Filatex India Shares market price on NSE and BSE: Filatex India Share Price Today

Filatex India Buyback Registrar


Filatex India Buyback Lead Managers

Filatex India Company Address

Filatex India Limited

Survey No.274, Demni Road,


U.T. of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu

Phone: +91-260-2668343, 266



Filatex India Buyback 2022 FAQs

When is Filatex India Buyback Record Date?

Filatex India buyback 2022 record date is 08 April 2022.

When is Filatex India Buyback Announcement Date?

Filatex India buyback 2022 announcement date is 29 March 2022.
What is Filatex India Buyback Acceptance Ratio?

Filatex India buyback Acceptance ratio will be around -%.
What is Filatex India Buyback Price?

The company has fixed the price at ₹140 per share.
How to apply for Filatex India Buyback 2022?

As per the record date you need to have Filatex India shares in your Demat account. You can participate in buyback after having the stock in your account.

Note: If anything you want to know about the buyback offer you can refer to the Filatex India buyback offer documents.

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