Financial Independence and a Scalable Opportunity with Naturals2Go

10 Units Sold
Walnut Creek, CA
FBA Brokers: Jim Nail

Scalability Attracts New Owners to Naturals2Go 

Naturals2Go welcomes two new owners, Medha Chandra and Uday Kodoly, to California. The franchisees worked with FBA Broker Jim Nail, who also works as a Naturals2Go operator. Jim understands the system well and was able to walk the candidates through the process of ownership. The new owners have backgrounds that helped lead them to success with Naturals2Go. Medha has a PhD from University College in London, and she is currently working at a senior level for a nonprofit. Before this, she spent 13 years as an international project manager for an environmental non-profit. Meanwhile, Uday is a software architect and senior IT manager. He worked for IBM and studied computer science, earning an advanced degree in physics. Uday will also use the knowledge he gained in an executive management marketing program to find success with Naturals2Go. 

The pair chose Naturals2Go because they wanted to achieve financial independence through a second source of income. They also liked that Naturals2Go is a scalable business they can rely on into the future. Medha and Chandra are both goal-oriented individuals, who are hardworking and customer-focused, which is important when working with Naturals2Go. The new owners are looking forward to working with Naturals2Go as an opportunity to teach their children about business. Their long-term goal is to have a source of income they can rely on when they retire, and eventually pass down ownership to their children.

What is Naturals2Go?

Naturals2Go is unlike the typical franchise opportunity in that owners will operate their own vending machines. Naturals2Go is the fastest growing, longest running, and highest rated vending business opportunity company in the United States. Founded in 2009, Naturals2Go operates with the goal of helping owners start a vending business that is flexible and can fit into their lifestyle. Naturals2Go helps its owners find the best locations and snack options for their machines, based on research in each region. This helps guarantee success for owners; you can feel confident that your products will sell. 

The brand runs on a “Done for You” business model. This means that owners will receive all the training, support, and tools they need for success without any extra fees to get started. Naturals2Go offers a hands-on training program, during which owners learn how to load, service, repair, and optimize their vending machines. Tips on staffing and running your business are also provided. Owners are also paired with their own business coach who will be there to answer questions and provide support at any time.

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Note: We use the term “Franchise Broker” because it is the legal term for our profession. Others in the industry use “Franchise Consultants” which they self-define. We choose to use the legal term as we feel it’s more appropriate and clear. Consultants typically charge for services. Franchise Brokers are paid by the Seller, not the Buyer. There is no charge to the Buyer for our Franchise Broker services.

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