Former Packers Player to Open Blo Franchise to Help Community ‘Feel Like a Million Bucks’ | Franchise News


Blo Blow Dry Bar has more than 140 locations across North America.

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Jarrett Bush played for the Green Bay Packers from 2006 to 2014, and now he’s opening a Blo Blow Dry Bar franchise in the city.

Until former Green Bay Packers cornerback Jarrett Bush was a single dad with two girls, his lack of expertise in hair styling didn’t come up that often. “That was a huge struggle for me, in my heart,” said Bush, a new Blo Blow Dry Bar franchisee.

He values his daughters’ presentation, “just like any parent,” and wants to help them look nice when they go to school or a music recital. “You want their hair to look nice and decent, versus scraggly, looking like Edward Scissorhands,” he joked. “So, when I came across Blo Blow Dry Bar, it really inspired me.”

Bush, a Green Bay resident, is bringing one Blo salon to the area. It’ll be Wisconsin’s first Blo location. Bush played for the Packers from 2006 to 2014, playing a pivotal role in the team winning the Super Bowl in 2011 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Blo is a Vancouver-founded blowout bar with 140 locations in North America. The brand acquired Mync, a lash and brow bar also based in Canada, last year.

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He noticed a Blo salon while in Chicago. The people he saw walking out of the salon “were walking out looking like a million bucks,” he said, which is a feeling he wants to spread to others. Bush wants to offer services that can boost the self-esteem of women in the Green Bay area—a service he sees as invaluable to the community.

“When a woman is walking with a huge cup full of self-care, it really radiates,” he said. Bush wants to make sure “women have a place to go to fill that cup up.”

Going in, he was concerned about starting his franchising career alone. Bush doesn’t have experience in franchising, but the Blo team has been supportive since before signing the agreement in January.

“I think that was really the biggest issue on my part is like, ‘Hey, you guys are gonna stick around, right?’” Bush recalled. He’s a team-oriented person, and he wanted to ensure the Blo team was on the same page.

That’s never been an issue, he said. “They’ve been basically holding my hand,” Bush said.

He met other owners, which gave him the encouragement he needed to pursue franchising with Blo. He met an owner who had given birth not long before opening her salon. “I was like, ‘OK, I can do this,’” he said.

Building rapport with other franchisees “definitely strengthened that motivation to keep going and push through some barriers that I was basically afraid to take on.”

The initial investment to open a Blo franchise ranges from $257,400 to $372,958. From April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, unit sales ranged from $55,443 to $578,004.

The store is slated to open around September.

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