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There’s no doubt that franchising is a leading contributor to the U.S. economy and the country’s GDP output. According to some of the latest statistics and data, the industry is responsible for approximately 775,000+ establishments in the U.S., including 300 or so new concepts that launch each year. Cumulatively, these franchises account for $787 billion (with a b) dollars and employ more than 8.2 million workers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it’s estimated that franchises make up just over 10% of all businesses in America and contribute as much as 3% of the total GDP ($474.2 billion).

These are easily some impressive numbers to share, but if you’ve ever wondered about franchising’s impact in California only, FranNet of California has found some research you may be interested in reading about.

Digging Up Statistics

Some of the most comprehensive data and statistics can be found on the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) website. There are tools and resources that allow you to break down the numbers on a state by state basis. And since we represent California, we’ve already pulled the pertinent data for you.


Franchising’s Impact in the State of California

Going strictly by the numbers, there are just over 81,000 franchise establishments in California. Combined, they produce nearly 788,000 jobs for workers in our state, with a payroll estimated to top $28 billion per year. In terms of output, franchising in the state of California is responsible for $81.5 billion in economic contributions, amounting to $43.9 billion to our Gross Domestic Product.

California Voters Speak Out

Approximately 80% of California’s voting population have a favorable view of locally owned small businesses in the U.S. – of which franchising plays an outsized role. More than half, 53%, reveal that franchises play a part in their daily lives through the purchase of products or services. Almost the same percentage, 55%, believe that franchises are much more likely to contribute to community building, assistance, and charitable efforts on a local level.

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