FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma: Celebrating the Women of Franchising

This is a special week – and month – set aside to celebrate the women of franchising, and women in general. Tuesday, March 8 is International Women’s Day, which just so happens to be during March’s Women’s History Month. What is this all about? And why do we celebrate?


Let’s take a look at what women have accomplished in the franchising industry, backed by some figures and statistics we think you’ll find interesting.

What is International Women’s Day?

Believe it or not, International Women’s Day (IWD) has been celebrated for over a century, with the first gathering occurring back in 1911! Though it’s not specific to any country, group, or organization, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment and progress of women across the globe.  At it’s heart, the day is set aside to celebrate the social, political, and cultural achievements of females – with a special emphasis on both equality and equity in the workplace.

This year’s theme is “Break the Bias” (#BreakTheBias), as we focus on a world full of gender equality. And free of bias, discrimination, and stereotypes. There’s a full event calendar of virtual events on a national scale, leading off with the IWD 2022 Flagship Event, an online seminar sponsored by Salesforce: Celebrating Women Who Redefine the Future of Business. Follow this link to find out more information.

What is Women’s History Month?

What began as a “Women’s History Week” back in 1981 has now become “Women’s History Month”, celebrated in March of each year. It’s a celebration of the vital role played by women in American history and involves the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Archives, National Park Service, Smithsonian, and the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

There are multiple events to check out by following this link. Join in and do your own research from the Library of Congress’ series entitled, “American Women: A Guide to Women’s History Resources,” a research guide of topical essays that tell fascinating stories from women’s perspectives.

Women in Franchising

Franchising is one of the industry sectors that includes robust participation of women, many of whom have made a tremendous impact and contribution to this viable economic sector. Here are some facts and figures you may not know about – but should:

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women own approximately 13 million small businesses in the U.S., many of which are franchised locations. These businesses employ over 10 million workers and contribute more than $2 billion in annual revenue generated
  • Guidant Financial did some recent research to determine the percentage of female-owned franchise operations – determining that nearly a third (31%) are run by women.
  • Among the Gen X and Gen Y generations of women, this demographic has shown more interest in franchising as of late than their male counterparts.

Spotlight: Our Very Own CEO Jania Bailey

If you’re not already familiar with Jania Bailey, she’s the fearless leader of FranNet. As CEO, she’s helped lead our organization to new heights since joining the company back in 2006. She’s a six-year veteran of the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Executive Board of Directors and the current chair of its’ membership committee – and in 2019, was awarded the Bonnie Levine Award for her contributions to the industry’s growth. Oh, and did we mention she’s also an accomplished author? You can check out her Amazon best-selling book, “More Than Just French Fries”, by following this link.

We hope you’re as inspired as we are when it comes to celebrating the accomplishment of women – both inside and outside the franchising industry. FranNet of Dallas & Oklahoma is, of course, also a female-owned and operated consultancy – one that we’re very proud of.

If you’d like to explore the full-range of possibilities that come with small business ownership through franchising, let FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma be your guide. Our no-cost, no-obligation consultations have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs secure a future that belongs to them and them alone. We’d love to introduce you to a whole new world of possibilities through franchise ownership.

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