Free Budget by Paycheck Spread Sheet — Frugal Debt Free Life

Here is a quick overview on how to use this budget.

1. First you will need to copy and paste into your own GoogleDoc. (File, share, then save the copy).

2. I have included some things I use in my budget along with numbers to be a guide for you.

3. Adjust this to suit your own budget and your numbers.

4. The area where is says Pay Check Date (from starting date to ending date) you will need to put your paycheck dates for the month. Example. Sept. 24, 2021- Sept. 30. 2021.

5. The cells where is says paycheck date: You will need to put your paycheck dates for each check.

6. The yellow total box automatically tallies your entries.

7. The difference box tallies how much you spent compared to how much you budgeted. Remember budgeting is a tool that helps your money serve you. Adjust these areas as you need to.

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