Getting into Car Wrap Advertising: What You Need to Know

Finding innovative methods to advertise your local business and attract new customers can often feel like an uphill climb.

How can you go about finding an affordable way to stimulate the curiosity of people that have never done business with you before, reminding past customers that there are new reasons for them to re-engage with your company?

Car wrapped with ads

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Has automating your online marketing strategy something that you have already checked off of your to-do list, and you are looking for a way to drum up some business with people offline, in the real world?

Maybe it is time to take a serious look at using car wrap advertising, especially with the weather getting better and more people spending time outdoors?

Don’t make the mistake of looking at a car wrap as just a sticker stuck on your vehicle; it is a digitally-printed billboard that is capable of moving in whatever direction you are driving it in.

After skilled graphic designers collaborate with a company to put the desired advertisement together, the vinyl film gets applied to the surface of a vehicle for the car wrap.

But why should you go with car wrapping be considered?

What advantage could it possibly have over digital ad campaigns and marketing your business on local television ads or on the nearby popular radio station that people listen to while they are driving?

Simply put, car wrap advertising isn’t ads that can be turned off like social media campaigns after the funding for them has been halted.

A wrapped car has the potential to capture everyone’s attention and has been said to attract two and a half times more attention than a static billboard usually would drive even more attention to small businesses that are trying to compete and build a name for themselves.

Find out exactly what you need to know about car wrap advertising and how to gain the benefits that this powerful promotional method can bring to your business.

Car wrap

Average Costs of Car Wrap Advertising

You would be hard-pressed to find a business that isn’t concerned about how much money they are spending, and surely your business is no different in this regard.

Prior to investing in car wrapping, it is fair to want to have some sort of idea of how much it is going to cost you.

The average fee for wrapping a car in an ad is approximately $1,500 to $3,000, depending on whether it is a partial wrap or your vehicle is getting fully wrapped.

The difference is generally that partial wraps cover both sides, and sometimes the bumpers and full wraps cover the decals on the whole vehicle body, except the windshield, of course,

The other cost variables that can add expense include: having a large vehicle, the printing service, the time the design and labor will take, how much it will be to repaint the vehicle if necessary, and vinyl graphic design and production.

Make sure that you don’t overdo it with the details and the designs. Clearly showcase the business name, the contact number, the logo, the company slogan, and, if possible, some sense of the services or products that are being offered.

Enduring and Easily Changeable

Wrapping your vehicle makes it so that you don’t have to invest in a new vehicle. Whenever you decide to upgrade, change your ad because all you have to do is have the wrapper removed and get the new one attached.

Expands Your Audience

With the help of car wrap advertising, your organization can get more exposure, whether you are traveling locally or on long-distance trips, with the ability to grow your audience without even having to think about it.

Protects the Vehicle

An added benefit that may not immediately come to mind with car wrap marketing is that you can protect the actual structure of the vehicle itself due to the fact that the lamination from the car wrap adds an additional layer of protection to prevent scratches or wear and tear.

Mobile Advertising

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that potential customers happen to be watching television at the exact time that the ads that you paid for are running, car wrap advertising is able to be anywhere the four wheels underneath them can take it.

Mobile advertising makes it possible to non-intrusively reach out to customers wherever your vehicle is traveling.

Grab Attention

Make your vehicle extremely attractive to be bold enough to get attention and stand out among all other vehicles beside you on the road.

Coloring cars naturally pull eyes in their direction more than a plain white van would be able to achieve.


Being that billboards and television/radio advertisements have recurring costs for the entire duration of those advertisement runs. Car wrap advertising can be a more cost-effective way of getting the word out.

You are able to alter your vehicle wrap as little or as often as you like and just make an initial investment and generate results for years.

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