GoDaddy Pro: Website Security Cheat Sheet

Comprehensive website protection & malware cleanup 

Website Security from GoDaddy Pro prevents attacks and provides effortless malware cleanup with all the tools you need to protect your clients’ sites. That means less worrying about security, and more focusing on efficiently delivering results.

We make it easier to protect clients’ websites 

Bundled with all the features you need to thwart attackers, Website Security offers powerful tools with easy-to-use features — all from a single dashboard. Upgrading to 30-minute response plans and streamlined backup solutions mean faster response times in the event of a security incident.

Around-the-clock protection helps prevent and detect known threats from reaching your clients’ sites. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) carefully examines and intercepts malicious code as it arrives, identifying and neutralizing security threats like malware, DDoS attacks and SQL injections.

Every plan comes with continuous website monitoring to detect malware and any indicators of compromise.

Malware scans regularly check clients’ sites daily to look for any malicious code. Intuitive options allow you to set notification preferences for yourself — or your clients. When malware, blocklisting or security issues are detected on the website, you’ll be alerted immediately if you decide to have notifications set up.

  Standard  Advanced  Premium  Premium 5 
Website (unlimited pages)  1 site  1 site  1 site  5 sites 
Response time * 12 hrs (Standard)  12 hrs (Standard)  30 min (Urgent priority)  30 min (Urgent priority) 
Includes Website Backup     25 GB  200 GB  200 GB/site 


SSL certificate (integrated via WAF)         
Performance accelerator (CDN)          
Advanced DDoS mitigation          
Web Application Firewall (WAF)          
Blocklist removal          
Malware removal and hack repair   Once per year Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited 
File change monitoring         
Secure site seal         
Continuous security monitoring          
Security Analysts         
Blocklist/spam monitoring         
Daily malware scan         
24/7 phone, chat, and email support         

* Response times: When malware is detected and a cleanup request has been initiated, our 24/7 security experts will respond to your ticket about 30 minutes after submitting. Clean up time can vary from 24-72 hours.

To keep you in the loop on any changes, continuous website monitoring scans sites for other potential security issues, including DNS, SSL and WHOIS change notifications, spam listing and uptime monitoring.

SSL certificates are integrated in the WAF, which provides HTTPS in the browser. Once configured, your clients’ sites will be recognized by browsers as secure.

Enhanced site performance & faster load times. 

Speed up clients’ sites drastically with our Content Delivery Network (CDN). Visitors automatically connect to the closest physical server, reducing latency and optimizing site performance.

By caching static and dynamic content with our CDN, you’ll provide clients faster load times — which means higher rankings from search engines like Google, who consider load speed an important factor when evaluating and ranking sites.

Secure & reliable website backups.

Upgrade to automatic website backups and ensure that you’re in full control of a site’s data. In the event of a server crash, malware infection or hack, backups will make it easy to restore that site and keep data safe.

Side-step disruptions & quickly restore files in the event of a disaster.

A platform-agnostic feature, website backups are compatible with all hosting providers. Connect your site via FTP/SFTP to get started. Once enabled, you can quickly recover individual files, folders, MySQL databases, or an entire site with a single click.

Backups automatically run daily — when you want them to. Set the time most convenient for you, or run on-demand backups whenever you make an update. All transferred and stored files, folders, and databases are encrypted for your security. Copies can be easily downloaded locally for migration or emergency access, offering full control over your websites.

Support when you need it most 

In the event of a security incident, submit a malware removal or product support ticket and our experienced security team will help clean up malicious code, submit a blocklist removal request, and offer any guidance throughout the duration of the plan.

Our award-winning support team is only a ticket, call, or chat away.

More time = happier clients

When you use the Hub by GoDaddy Pro, suddenly there’s more time in your day to focus on what matters most. Forget about juggling admin tasks. Reclaim your time and use it to make clients feel like the center of your universe.
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