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By Charles Boccadoro

All fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics were uploaded to MFO Premium Sunday, 31 July, reflecting performance through July 2022.

When we run the monthly update that close to the last business day, we will normally re-run the ratings the following Saturday to pick up any late reporting funds. This past month that version was uploaded Sunday, 7 August. We also uploaded Tuesday, 30 August using the Refinitiv datafile of 26 August.

Going forward, thanks to a suggestion by long-time subscriber Alfred, we will try to update the site database weekly. Those intramonth updates help when funds report portfolio changes, launches, and closures, etc. The datafile date will be posted on our homepage under the “What’s new?” section, each time we update the ratings. Consistent with that date, you will now find the “Month To Date [MTD]” return and rating under Calendar Month metrics in the MultiSearch results table.

The presentation and video of our recent webinar can be found here: Mid-Year Review Webinar Material. Things had been recovering since that mid-July review, but then Chairman Powell shared the Fed’s intentions from the central bank’s retreat at Jackson Hole, WY and markets resumed their decline.

We have a more recent subscriber, Mark Levine, to thank for our recent Enhanced Preferences upgrade. Since Introducing MFO Premium’s Saved Preferences Feature in 2021, users can save in their profiles the way they want to view results from the MultiSearch screening tables. Mark requested two good enhancements: 1) save any resized column widths in Preferences, and 2) keep column order of existing Preferences intact when adding new columns (or deleting) existing ones.

Now, if new columns are added, they will be placed to the right of the existing columns specified in the running Preference. The new columns can then be moved accordingly by the user and re-saved to the existing Preference or to a new one. Ditto, if an existing Preference column is deleted, the remaining Preference columns remain intact, both order and width, until the user decides to exit or update the Preference.

The Preferences feature will appeal to those, like myself, who track say just a hand-full of key metrics [from the more than 1000 available] and more, but also want these metrics to appear in a particular order and format!

Below are three examples, which highlight the Three Alarm metrics. First, the view showing the key alarm metrics:

Next via the View/Preferences button, here’s a saved “Three Alarm New Widths” Preference, which alters column widths, thanks to the feature introduced last year:

Finally, an alternative view “Three Alarm New Order” Preference, for those that like fund name first:

Any or all these views can be saved to user profiles and set at start of search or implemented from results tables via the View/Preferences button.

Expect ratings update through August to post this Saturday late or early Sunday.

Some of the site’s best features come from subscriber requests. Can’t thank you enough!

As always, if you see anything amiss or have more suggestions, let us know and we will respond soonest.

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