Here Are 5 Best States That Offer Free Government Land

Best States That Offer Free Government Land


If you’re interested in building a custom home, the first step you often need to take is buying land. At times, the cost for a lot is surprisingly expensive, and that can make moving forward with construction challenging. However, there are locations that offer land for free as a means of attracting new residents. Here are the five best states that offer free government land.

1. Kansas

Kansas has several rural that offer free land to individuals who are willing to build a house and call the area home. Lincoln provides free home sites in a subdivision. Mankato, Osborne, Plainville, and Wilson have similar programs. Some also offer other incentives to attract new people to the area, particularly remote workers.

2. Minnesota

New Richland, Minnesota, has a free land program, giving people a place to build a new home if they relocate to a specific subdivision. In some cases, the land can even serve as equity, allowing it to function similarly to a down payment if you need a construction loan.

3. Nebraska

In Curtis, Nebraska, free lots are available for the construction of new single-family homes. These lots are along paved roads and have utility access, which reduces the amount of preparation that aspiring home builders need to cover financially. Plus, there are separate programs for industrial and commercial land that could assist anyone looking to start a business with their own property.

Another town in Nebraska that’s offering free land is Elwood. While a $500 deposit is required, that money is refunded if all of the conditions are met. The town also has a down payment assistance program to help fund the new construction.

4. Colorado

Flagler, Colorado, has a free land program that focuses on businesses that can bring employment opportunities to the area. The program can offer large swaths of land, too, not just small downtown lots.

5. New York

Through the Urban Homestead Program in Buffalo, New York, people can get land or existing homes that aren’t technically free but incredibly cheap. Some properties are available for as little as $1 with the commitment to build a new house or renovate an existing one.


Have you considered using any of the programs available through the best states that offer free government land? Do you think these options are too difficult to navigate or otherwise ill-suited to most aspiring landowners? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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