Here Are 5 Of The Best Side Hustles In Iowa

best side hustles in Iowa

Finding a great side hustle is an excellent way to relieve the stress of a tight budget. Plus, it can help you acquire new skills, expand your network, or potentially build the foundation for a new, full-fledged business. If you’re looking for the right opportunities, here are the five best side hustles in Iowa.

1. Farmhand

Farming is big business in Iowa. The state has around 85,000 farms in total, many of which can benefit from some occasional help. Since that’s the case, getting a gig as a farmhand could be a great way to earn some cash. Whether you help during picking season, assist with animals on weekends, or do some occasional equipment maintenance, there’s likely an option that’ll work for you.

2. Tool Sharpener

If you live in a rural area and need to make some side cash, tool sharpening might be an excellent side hustle. Usually, you’ll need just some basic supplies and a bit of time, along with some skill. However, with that, you can get this side gig up and running quickly.

3. Stock Photographer

Working as a stock photographer is an excellent option for anyone with a high-quality camera, image editing skills, and a keen eye. With this, you can post your images on stock photography sites and earn a little cash every time someone buys the rights to your photo. That means it can turn into a solid passive income stream once your image collection is large enough.

4. Pet Sitter

A side hustle that works in cities and towns of all sizes, pet sitters care for other people’s pets while their away. Usually, the care requirements are basic, involving classic chores like feedings, watering, and walking. However, some may ask for a bit more, like medication administration. In those cases, you typically earn a little extra in exchange, making the additional effort worthwhile.

5. Farmer’s Market Stand

While many farmer’s markets are frequented by larger farms, that doesn’t mean you can’t set one up as a side hustle. If you have a vegetable garden, you could bring extra produce to sell. If you have lovely flowers on your property, you could create bouquets. Seedlings are another excellent farmer’s market option.

Consider what you usually find for sale at farmer’s markets and see if you can’t get enough of a product to open a small booth. Berries, honey, rustic décor, and a slew of other approaches can work, so let your creativity and available time be your guide.

Alternatively, you could explore working as a farmer’s market stand helper. With this, you’d partner with a farm, helping with their booth and handling sales as needed. This is a great way for a bit of side cash with less commitment.


Have you tried any of the best side hustles in Iowa above and want to tell others about your experience? Did you head in another direction and think others could benefit from what you learned? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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