Hottest Food Concepts to Franchise Within the Restaurant Industry

Starting your own restaurant from scratch is one of the most difficult accomplishments one can achieve. The only thing more difficult is staying in business. With one out of four businesses staying open after a five-year span, it’s no mystery as to why franchising is more appealing towards entrepreneurs, with a 92% survival rate over that same span. Why is this the case? The majority of these business owners aren’t equipped or prepared to tackle the common obstacles faced by entrepreneurs everywhere. When you franchise a business, you’re investing in a proven business model that has been refined by the original founder, meaning you can bypass all of the same struggles and hit the ground running to start generating profits! This is how concepts like McDonald’s and KFC became global monoliths in the restaurant industry. Despite their success, it might be wise to stay away from these brands.


Don’t Be Fooled by Appearance

The biggest problem with franchising one of the aforementioned concepts is the price tag. While they do offer one of the most polished business models in the industry, brand recognition and architectural build-outs contribute to the exorbitant price tags required to franchise a McDonalds ($1-2.2 million) or a KFC ($1.5 in net worth and $750k in liquid capital). Although proven brands are less risky than lesser known concepts, they are pricier than other franchise opportunities and will take 5+ years to begin churning out a return on your investment. There are plenty of restaurant franchises to invest in that won’t cost an arm and leg. Developed by the global leader in franchise consulting, Franchise Creator is offering some of the industry’s hottest concepts for entrepreneurs to invest in.


Poké Mahi

Poke is an ancient Hawaiian dish composed of raw seafood, seaweed, vegetables, and a variety of spices and seasonings. Today, poke has become one of the most popular concepts within the restaurant industry in the last decade! With numerous concepts racing to become the face of poke in the U.S., there’s one concept that’s quickly turning heads and winning hearts: Poké Mahi. Based in Miami, Florida, Poké Mahi focuses on providing a unique Asian-fusion twist to the Hawaiian cuisine without sacrificing the crucial elements of the dish. They’ve even added non-seafood proteins to offer a more inclusive menu to drive consumers who don’t like fish through your doors! Because poke is a dish that doesn’t rely on complex kitchen equipment to prepare, franchisees can reduce the overhead for build-out and operational expenses and maximize the potential of your return on investment! One of the biggest benefits of franchising a Poké Mahi is the assistance and guidance you’ll receive from our established franchise support team, led by franchising titan Hossein Kasmai. They will prepare you on all aspects of the franchise, including bookkeeping, marketing, and connecting you with the industry’s best seafood and produce vendors to ensure the consistent, high-quality poke bowls that Poké Mahi is known for! You can franchise your own Poké Mahi for as low as $142,770 – an amazing price point to invest in a proven brand that has successfully capitalized on the growing trend of poke!


If you’re looking for a more traditional restaurant concept to franchise, consider investing in Tacomoli! This Tex-Mex concept, based out of Miami, FL as well, has been perfecting their extensive menu since 1992, evident by their achievement of winning “Miami’s Best Burrito of 2014.” Tacomoli offers all of the Tex-Mex classics, including tacos, fajitas, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, nachos, salads, and vegan options of all items for those with dietary restrictions. Tacomoli offers an affordable, comprehensive, turn-key business model that can be franchised for as low as $129,800 depending on your location. Your investment includes an exclusive territory, real estate leases and the architectural buildout, all kitchen equipment and supplies, a marketing budget, and the right to operate under Tacomoli’s reputable brand name. The investment also includes a training program to bring you up to speed on replicating all menu items if you plan to be a passive owner, staffing your location properly, and advertising your franchise location to keep business running. Take advantage of streamlined business opportunity that has carved out a substantial portion of America’s beloved Tex-Mex industry!


Combo Kitchen

If you’re looking to get ahead in both the franchise and restaurant industry, then get ready for this revolutionary concept that utilizes the business model of a ghost kitchen. For the uninformed, ghost kitchens are essentially commissaries shared between multiple restaurateurs to save costs and provide consumers with to-go or delivery orders only. Combo Kitchen is a new franchise opportunity that allows franchisees to buildout a ghost kitchen and incorporate up to four different concepts listed within Combo Kitchen’s exclusive network of brands. Rather than being stuck with one concept, franchisees can multiply their streams of revenue by offering trending cuisines such as poke, bowls, pizzas, boutique desserts, and more! Franchisees can look forward to a streamline buildout process, which includes two phases of training. The first is facilitated by the Combo Kitchen support team to learn administrative responsibilities, and the second phase involves the original concept owners to train you on how to replicate their menus!


Looking for Someone to Franchise Your Restaurant?

If you own a restaurant and desire the opportunity to expand your concept without using your own resources, then consider developing your venture into a franchise! Whether you want to take the traditional route and develop into a single franchise or desire to join the Combo Kitchen Network and experience the same expansion at a reduced cost, contact Franchise Creator today and get started on empowering yourself as an entrepreneur!

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