How business buyers can increase margins and grow their business through e-commerce

For many business buyers, sourcing products isn’t always an easy, straightforward process. While larger corporations often have dedicated sourcing teams who can manage this critical aspect, for many small businesses owners it is up to them to conduct most of the company’s sourcing practices. Finding quality products at great prices and with good profit margins can seem an overwhelming – yet business-critical – task. It’s no surprise that SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) value suppliers that make it easier for them to navigate the purchase process.

With SMBs looking for new opportunities to grow and thrive in a post-pandemic world,’s March Expo event aims to inspire and empower small business owners. March Expo offers an immersive buying experience with a carefully curated supply of the best and most trendy products as well as livestreaming of top-notch factories.

This annual month-long online trade event is designed to help entrepreneurs discover new products, suppliers and services on that could help unlock new possibilities for their businesses and operations. In many respects, digital sourcing on is far more than simply finding products and supplier information. It is a business strategy that uses technology to grow your business, increase your margins and win over customers.

Here’s some of the ways can have a positive impact on your business:

  • enables SMBs to develop online sourcing strategies and diversify their supplier networks
  • Business buyers can benefit from wide exposure to products across industries and geographies, with more than 200m products from over 200,000 suppliers available on the platform
  • SMBs can save money, drive revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Businesses can stay on top of the latest global demand and product trends and access a network of high-quality suppliers at their fingertips, without leaving their home or office
  • The entire sourcing journey can be completed online, in one platform. That includes managing suppliers, product and transactions data digitally through a single platform.
  • It also allows for automation of tasks that makes operations more efficient – so SMBs can focus on the things that really matter – like growing their business and delighting their customers

The pandemic has accelerated the need for B2B e-commerce, with SMBs now needing to find suppliers outside of their domestic market. According to new research from Euromonitor, commissioned exclusively for, the increase in B2B e-commerce experienced during the pandemic is expected to remain beyond the recovery. In Europe, many buyers see the future as being focused on a ‘hybrid’ strategy of attending trade shows and conducting business through an online presence.

This year’s March Expo offers 10m ready-to-ship items that have “Delivered by” date service, as an enhanced level of certainty and reassurance for buyers. In addition, will unveil the Trending NEXT top 50 product list”, providing B2B buyers with insights into sourcing trends and better position themselves to spend less and sell more.

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